Seated Balance Exercises for Stroke Rehab

Seated Balance Exercises for Stroke Rehab

3 simple seated balance exercises for stroke rehab

Balance exercises are an important part of any stroke rehabilitation regimen as they strengthen your core, help improve sitting posture, and help prevent falling. For some of these exercises you will need 2 yoga blocks or a small stack of thick books. Let’s get started.

Side Shift

Sit on a bench (or at the edge of your bed) with your arms at your sides. To avoid hunching, place a couple yoga blocks or books underneath your hands to give them a little lift.

Then, shift your weight to the right, using you right arm for stability. The goal is to have your torso lean to the side, but resist bending at the waist to make this movement. Instead, focus on letting your opposite hip lift off the bench.

Then return to center and repeat on your left side.

Complete this alternating exercise 10 times.

Side Elbow Lean

Sit on a bench or bed in an upright position with your feet flat on the floor.

Then, lean to the right and put your weight on your right elbow so that your forearm is on the bench supporting your weight. Return to center and repeat on the other side.

Perform this lean 10 times.

If this is too difficult, grab those yoga blocks or books and lean onto them to decrease the distance that you have to move.

Leaning Cat-Cows

In a comfortable seated position, place your hands on your knees and gently push away, rounding your back and tilting your chin down. As you become rounded, lean backwards and hold your knees for stability. This is the ‘cat’ position as it resembles a cat stretching its back.

Then, reverse the movement. Pull yourself forward and arch your back, puffing your chest up in an exaggerated fashion and gently pulling on your knees to help you lean farther forward. This is the ‘cow’ position of this exercise. Alternate between cat and cow 10 times.

Try doing 3 sets of each of these exercises and it should help you improve your balance and sitting posture after stroke.

Core Rehab Exercise Videos

A strong core is essential for regaining balance after stroke.

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