Announcing the First Video-Based Home Exercise Program: FlintFit

Announcing the First Video-Based Home Exercise Program: FlintFit

FlintFit is an online platform where you can watch therapist guided rehab exercise videos for the legs, core, arm, and hand for just ten dollars a month.

From the comfort of your own home, you can do rehab your way. You can press pause, rewind, and practice as many times as you like.

It’s effective therapy on your terms.


The Old, Slow, Expensive Way of Doing Things

Before FlintFit, you probably drove to your rehab facility, practiced with your therapist, and left with a sheet of homework.

Only, you got home and the work never got done because, well, sheets of paper are hard to take seriously.

Qualified therapists are also expensive, so you could only afford to go once or twice a week (or month?) at most.

A Better, Cheaper, Easier Alternative

With FlintFit, you won’t waste time driving to therapy or waiting days or weeks in between sessions.

You just open your computer, log in, and press play.

FlintFit also offers:

  • A calendar feature to schedule a full week of exercise
  • A community forum to ask questions and chat with other users
  • Visual goal-setting and tracking to monitor your progress

Our platform holds you accountable to your goals and helps keep you motivated.


For the Sake of Motivation

The recipe for motivation during rehab is simple.

Success = goals + schedules + action + feedback

Goals – How much exercise do you want to accomplish per week? Set your goal and watch your progress build through the graph in your profile.

Schedules – Plan a full week of exercises through the drag-and-drop calendar function, with or without the help of your therapist.

Action – You’ll never have an excuse not to do your rehab exercises when it’s available any time you want.

Feedback – After each session you can rank how well you did so that you can monitor your progress over time.


Press Play for Free

We’re excited about our new release, and we want you to join the excitement.

Learn how to start a free trial by clicking here.

You can meet the therapists, test some videos, and see if it will benefit your recovery.