Stroke Rehab Exercise Guides and Resources for Total Success

Stroke Rehab Exercise Guides and Resources for Total Success

Stroke rehab is all about retraining the brain and restoring proper communication between your brain and muscles. To do this, you need to utilize repetitive practice and neuroplasticity. To learn more, see our article on how the brain recovers after stroke.

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Leg Exercises

If you need to regain strength and coordination in your legs, you can try these at-home leg exercise.

Also, if you have access to a treadmill suspension system to support your body weight, it will serve as great exercise to restore normal walking pattern (gait). Otherwise, it’s safest to practice assisted walking on land instead of a machine.

Balance Exercises

To reduce your risk of falling after stroke, you’ll need to work on your leg and core strength, as they provide the stability you need for walking and maneuvering.


As you continue to work on your balance, it’s important to practice maneuvering over different terrain. For example, the ability to heel-toe walk at home is very different from moving around people in the supermarket.

Always be sure to apply your practices to the real world as much as safely possible.

Arm and Shoulder Exercises

To work on your upper limb mobility, you can try these at-home exercises:

For those who are in advanced stages of recovery, you can try these active arm exercises to develop some serious strength.

Hand and Fine Motor Exercises (Our Specialty)

Increasing difficulty as you improve is essential for improvement. When looking for hand therapy options, look for something that allows you to make things more challenging as you go along.

To help with hand dexterity and mobility on a budget, try using these tools:

  • Hand therapy balls (stress balls of different softness/hardness)
  • Therapy putty (essentially playdough with different resistances, from extra soft to firm)

If you’re not looking to invest in some hand therapy tools yet, try these at-home exercises in the meantime:

For something fun, you can try MusicGlove hand therapy. The music makes it enjoyable and the gaming makes you forget that it’s even rehab in the first place! And it’s proven to improve hand function in 2 weeks.

It’s our primary product, and you can read testimonials and learn more here.

Eye Exercises

Vision loss affects about 25% of stroke survivors.

If your vision suffered after stroke, it’s because the muscles that control your eyes were affected. To partially or completely restore your vision, try these eye exercises to strengthen your eye muscles.

Stroke Rehab Exercise Videos

If you’re looking for more than written exercises, FitMi can be a great option.

FitMi is our brand new full-body stroke therapy system.

Our customers see very fast results with FitMi because it helps you achieve 12 times more repetitions than traditional therapy. This activates neuroplasticity and gives your brain exactly what it needs to heal.

If you’d like to learn more about FitMi, click here.

Overcoming Obstacles

The biggest obstacles during stroke rehab exercises are pain, spasticity, and lack of motivation.

To bust free from the bodily obstacles, see our articles on:

To bust free from the mental obstacles, these are our best articles on motivation:

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With these exercises and resources, you’ll have everything you need to get moving today!