Improve Memory and Thinking with Cognitive Training for Stroke Recovery

Improve Memory and Thinking with Cognitive Training for Stroke Recovery

Cognitive training for stroke recovery is a great way to improve memory and thinking.

Just like physical therapy helps improve mobility after stroke, cognitive training can improve mental acuity after stroke.

If you’d like to sharpen your critical thinking skills, this article will show you how.

Cognitive Training for Stroke Recovery

If your memory or thinking was affected by stroke, you’re not alone.

Many stroke survivors report “sluggish thinking” and impaired memory after stroke.

This is caused by various factors such as healing in the brain and damage to certain mental processes.

Luckily your brain knows how to recover from the damage from stroke through neuroplasticity.

Improve Memory and Thinking Through Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity allows the brain to rewire itself and learn new skills.

Although your memory and thinking was once second nature, it’s a skill that you need to relearn.

Luckily, you can rebuild this skill by practicing cognitive exercises for stroke recovery.

Cognitive training will help your brain will rewire itself and get better at memory and thinking.

It might even be able to help improve dementia after stroke.

Mental Exercise

Each time you practice cognitive exercises, your brain begins to form new neural pathways responsible for memory and thinking.

The more you practice the exercises, the stronger those pathways become, and the stronger your cognitive skills grow.

Essentially, practicing memory exercises consistently will help your memory improve!

And while it might seem like your daily life should challenge your memory enough to trigger neuroplasticity, that might not be the case.

Your brain needs consistent, repetitive stimulus to rewire itself. Trying to remember the milk at the grocery store each week won’t really help rebuild your memory.

That’s why cognitive exercises for stroke recovery are great.

They provide specific stimulation for your brain to activate neuroplasticity and improve memory and thinking.

Recommended Cognitive Training Apps

Some great cognitive training apps are Constant Therapy and Lumosity.

They contain a host of different exercises that give your brain a workout and activate neuroplasticity.

You should work with your therapist to choose exercises that will benefit you the most.

And the important thing is to practice consistently. Aim for daily practice, or every other day.

The new pathways that you’re forming in your brain need constant reinforcement in order to grow stronger.

Practicing cognitive exercises daily is your best bet for improving memory and thinking quickly after stroke.

Improving Your Mental Acuity with Cognitive Training

Your memory and thinking is a skill that you can sharpen with practice, just like any other skill.

Choose a cognitive training app that you enjoy and try to do the exercises every day.

This will provide the stimulation your brain needs to rewire itself and improve your critical thinking skills.

What’s your favorite cognitive training app? Please share it with us in the comments below!