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How to Stop the Tingling Sensation After Stroke

how to treat tingling sensation after stroke

If you have pins-and-needles or tingling sensation after stroke, then we’re here to help.

While the causes of tingling after stroke are not well-studied, there’s still hope fore recovery.

Causes of Tingling Sensation After Stroke

Although tingling is ambiguous, it usually happens because of 3 things.

1. Damage to the Parietal Lobe

The parietal lobe is the part of the brain that interprets your senses, including touch.

When the parietal lobe is damaged by stroke, it can impair your brain’s ability to correctly interpret your senses.

This can lead to a pins and needles or tingling sensation after stroke.

2. Medical Complications from Stroke

Sometimes, tingling is a sign that something serious is going on, and that immediate medical attention is required.

Tingling sensations can signify a nerve problem or other serious problem. In these cases, urgent medical attention is required.

3. Non-Stroke-Related Medical Complications

woman struggling with tingling sensation after stroke

Sometimes tingling is just a benign symptom that happens after stroke. It could be nerve regeneration, it could be something totally unrelated.

The good news is that sometimes it just goes away on its own (“spontaneous recovery”).

Most of the time, however, action on your part is required to make the tingling sensation go away.

Which brings us to the meat of this article:

Treatment for Tingling Sensation After Stroke

doctor discusses sensory reeducation with patient to stop tinging sensation after stroke

The most common cause for tingling sensation after stroke is sensory issues. Therefore, the best treatment for sensory issues is sensory reeducation.

Sensory reeducation has the potential to put a stop to tingling after stroke by retraining the brain to correctly interpret your senses.

It works by performing sensory reeducation exercises on a regular, consistent basis.

The repetitive stimulation provided by the exercises will encourage your brain to form new neural connections that interpret sensory information correctly.

Although interpreting sensation was not something you had to learn as a child, it’s a skill you can often relearn at any stage in life through sensory reeducation exercises.

Progress often happens slowly, but there’s tons of hope that it can help!

There’s Hope for Getting Rid of the Tingling Sensation After Stroke

getting rid of tingling after stroke is all about the brain

If anyone has told you that you can’t fix your tingling sensation after stroke, then kindly ignore them. There’s always hope for recovery!

Want proof?

Check out this success story that someone shared in the comments of our sensory reeducation article:

“The brain is such an amazing thing. I did not have a stroke, but I had damaged and permanently (or so I thought) numbed a large area of nerves with repeated excessive use of aspercreme, to ~20% of normal sensation out of ignorance about a year ago.

I went to a doctor and she told me there was nothing I could do about it. I tried applying lotions and such to nourish the skin into healing, but this didn’t seem to be helping.

After some digging I found this and figured hey, why not give it a shot. I started [sensory reeducation exercises] about 3 weeks ago and I am already noticing fuller sensation in the affected area.

I now have hope that I can feel more like myself again, and not be constantly reminded of my mistake. Thank you!” —Liam

Liam proves that there’s hope for recovering sensation even when the doctors say it’s impossible.

Indeed, the brain is capable of amazing things!

Wrap Up: How to Overcome Tingling After Stroke

If you want to overcome tingling sensation after stroke, then sensory reeducation exercises are your best bet.

Be sure to practice with high repetition and consistency, because that will build and strengthen new connections in your brain.

Progress will likely be slow, but trust that your brain is on your side.

Do you have tingles after stroke? How did you get rid of them? Please share your advice with our readers in the comments section below!

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