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If you’re a fan of our blog, then you will love this book!

Healing & Happiness After Stroke is the first self-help book for stroke recovery on the market.

This book is for you if…

  • You struggle to find reasons to be happy
  • You feel stuck in your recovery
  • You stopped seeing results

And as a result…

  • You have a hard time feeling motivated
  • You’ve lost your sense of identity
  • You feel knocked off your feet and need inspiration to help get back up

Healing & Happiness After Stroke is both a pep-talk and a roadmap for achieving a higher recovery and becoming a better version of yourself.

The book is written by the same author of our blog.

So if you enjoy our feel-good articles – and every other article on this blog, really – then you will love this book!

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Healing & Happiness After Stroke is available exclusively on Amazon: