Welcome to Our 5-Step MusicGlove Buying Guide

Purchasing a MusicGlove for home therapy couldn’t be easier! Just follow our guide below.

Step 1. Make sure your computer is compatible

In general, MusicGlove will work on your computer if you have purchased a Mac or PC in the last 5 years.

Below are some specific minimum computer requirements:

  • Windows 7 or Newer
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or Newer
  • 2 Gigabytes RAM
  • 200 Megabytes hard drive space
  • 1 USB Port

If you are not sure if your computer is compatible, you can download and install our System Test application. If you see a screen that says “Your system is compatible” after running the program, then MusicGlove will work on your computer.

Step 2. Find your size

Refer to our sizing chart to find your perfect fit.

You can also compare your index finger to different coins to roughly determine your fit:

  • Small: index fingertip is the width of a dime, and no bigger
  • Medium: index fingertip is the width of a nickel, and no bigger
  • Large: index fingertip is the width of a quarter, and no bigger

If you order the wrong size by accident, we can replace it for free!

Step 3. Check our hand movement requirements

To use MusicGlove hand therapy, you need the ability to touch your thumb to at least one of your fingertips or side of your index finger — even just a few times in a minute.


Step 4. Need help opening your thumb? (Optional)

We created a thumb orthosis that if perfect for patients who have trouble opening their thumb.

If you have partial movement in your fingers but need help keeping your thumb open while you use MusicGlove, then try using our Xtend Thumb Orthosis.

The Xtend thumb strap will allow you to use MusicGlove and regain movement in your hand so that one day you won’t have to use the thumb orthosis!

Step 5. Know you’re 100% covered

You absolutely are! Here are 3 extra reasons to feel secure with your decision:

  • Shipping is always free with MusicGlove
  • Support is just a call away at 949-667-0140
  • Returns are easy and free within 30 days of purchase

Ready to try MusicGlove hand therapy? Select your hand size and orientation above and complete the secure checkout process.

We hope you love improving your hand movement with MusicGlove!

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