Healing & Happiness After Stroke


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When stroke turns your life upside down, sometimes a reminder is all you need to pick yourself back up.

Learn how to develop more confidence, self-esteem, and happiness after stroke.

Through science-based practice, Healing & Happiness After Stroke will teach you how to feel better and literally rewire your brain for happiness.

This book is a great tool for stroke survivors suffering from depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem.

While Most Stroke Recovery Books Focus on Physical Healing…

…Healing & Happiness After Stroke Helps You Find Emotional Healing

Physical Healing Is Just Half the Picture

After stroke, the main focus is usually physical healing – but this is only half the picture. You can’t find holistic health without addressing your mind, body, and spirit.

That’s why Healing & Happiness After Stroke focuses on emotional healing.

Each chapter introduces exercises and habits that help rewire your brain and boost happiness when practiced regularly – just like any other therapy program.

Learn How to Grow a “Happy Brain”

You are what you repeatedly practice, and this book will show you how to practice positive emotions.

We know that may sound a little silly – because everyone already knows how to feel positive emotions, right? Well… not really.

Happiness is a skill, but it’s not taught in school. This book will teach you scientifically proven ways to grow a happier brain.