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patient after cold therapy for spinal cord injury

Cold Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury: Can It Minimize Damage?

Can cold therapy (hypothermia therapy) help maximize functional outcomes after spinal cord injury? Lower temperatures can help promote healing by reducing inflammation, swelling, and pain. …

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Young physical therapist talking to patient about long-term goals for brain injury patients

5 Ways to Create Motivating Long-Term Goals for TBI Patients

Brain injury recovery is a challenging process that can take months, sometimes years, of consistent therapy. One way to make this process smoother is to …

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stroke patient lying in hospital bed surrounded by family members

Coma After Stroke: What It Means & How to Maximize Chances of Recovery

When a loved one falls into a coma after stroke, it can be a distressing time. It’s impossible to know if or when someone will …

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stroke patients doing gentle yoga poses at home

45 Fun Activities for Stroke Patients to Try at Home

Even the best of us get tired of a boring routine. To prevent stroke rehab from getting boring, it’s helpful to find fun activities for …

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13 tips on what to do after a stroke to start things off on the right foot

What to Do After a Stroke: 13 Tips Every Patient Must Know

Do you find yourself wondering what to do after a stroke? The recovery process is complex, which makes education a crucial first step. Stroke recovery …

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Woman getting help from psychologist for perseveration after brain injury

Perseveration After Brain Injury: How to Stop Repetitive Thoughts and Behaviors

Perseveration after brain injury causes repetitive and continuous behaviors, words, or thoughts. It occurs due to changes in memory, attention, and cognitive flexibility. Today’s article …

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stroke patient in hospital bed with IV fluids being treated for cyclic vomiting

Vomiting After Stroke: Why Treatment Varies Case by Case

Vomiting after stroke is a worrisome condition as it depletes the body of vital fluids and nutrients. Is there a way to make it stop? …

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woman covering her mouth to hide her stuttering after head injury

Stuttering After Head Injury: Types, Causes, and Treatment

Stutters are common speech disorders in early childhood, but they can also occur after a traumatic brain injury. Doctors refer to this type of speech …

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doctor explaining heterotopic ossification to spinal cord injury patient

How to Treat Heterotopic Ossification in Spinal Cord Injury Patients

After a spinal cord injury, you may experience abnormal bone growth below your level of injury. This is a condition called heterotopic ossification. This article …

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doctor sitting at desk talking to parietal lobe stroke patient about rehabilitation

Parietal Lobe Stroke: Understanding the Side Effects & Recovery Journey

A stroke in the parietal lobe can affect the brain’s ability to interpret sensory information and spatial awareness. As a result, parietal lobe stroke patients …

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