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Woman doing floor exercises and stretching her feet because she has foot drop after TBI

Understanding Foot Drop After TBI: Causes, Side Effects, and Treatments

Foot drop after TBI is caused by the inability to lift the front of the foot — a movement known as dorsiflexion. This can make …

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cerebral palsy tremors management

Cerebral Palsy and Tremors: Managing Involuntary Shaking

Wondering what causes tremors in individuals with cerebral palsy? A tremor is an “an involuntary, rhythmic, and oscillatory movement” that can occur in any area …

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c7 spinal cord injury

C7 Spinal Cord Injury: What to Expect on the Road to Recovery

Wondering what happens after a C7 spinal cord injury? A C7 spinal cord injury will result in quadriplegia, which is paralysis in the arms, trunk, …

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stroke survivor and caregiver reading the best stroke books

7 Best Books About Stroke Recovery (from Medical Experts and Other Survivors)

These stroke recovery books can help educate you on the road to recovery. Best of all, they contain a medley of advice from medical professionals …

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son giving his father great gifts for stroke patients

19 Helpful Gifts for Stroke Patients that Improve Recovery

Below you’ll find the best gifts for stroke patients as of 2020. Whether you’re shopping for someone’s birthday or getting a (really) early start on …

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stroke patient talking with therapist about pseudobulbar affect treatment

Pseudobulbar Affect Treatment: How to Choose the Right Path for You

If you struggle to uncontrollable emotional outbursts after stroke, you may have a condition known as pseudobulbar affect. This condition causes extreme emotional reactions that …

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can a spinal cord injury cause memory loss

Can a Spinal Cord Injury Cause Memory Loss?

While a spinal cord injury will not directly cause memory loss, some SCI patients do experience memory loss. How is this possible? Let’s find out! …

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how cerebral palsy affects immune system

Can Cerebral Palsy Damage the Immune System?

Wondering how cerebral palsy affects the immune system? While cerebral palsy will not directly weaken your child’s immune system, it can be the underlying cause …

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woman using resistance band around foot during physical therapy

9 Expert Foot Drop Exercises to Help You Get Back on Your Feet with Confidence

Do you have difficulty lifting the front of your foot? Has it impacted your gait (walking pattern) and balance? You may suffer from foot drop, …

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tbi recovery timeline

TBI Recovery Timeline: How Long Does It Take to Recover?

How long will it take to recover from TBI? To answer this question, we created this helpful TBI recovery timeline. Every brain injury is unique, …

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