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understanding the different associated conditions of cerebral palsy

Associated Conditions of Cerebral Palsy: Primary, Secondary, or Associative?

Associated conditions of cerebral palsy are often misunderstood. To clear things up, this article is going to explain exactly what cerebral palsy does or does …

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distracted woman with attention problems sitting on

How to Manage Attention Problems After Brain Injury

Attention and concentration problems are very common issues after brain injury. Most of the time, however, TBI survivors do not recognize the symptoms of their …

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Therapist helping TBI patient with rehab equipment

7 Effective Physical Therapy Interventions for Traumatic Brain Injury

If you want to regain movement and strength after a brain injury, the best thing you can do is work with a physical therapist. Your …

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son giving his father great gifts for stroke patients

19 Helpful Gifts for Stroke Patients that Improve Recovery

Below you’ll find the best gifts for stroke patients as of winter 2019! If you want to give the gift of healing, these are some …

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spinal cord injury symptoms and signs

Understanding Spinal Cord Injury Symptoms & How to Manage Them

Spinal cord injury symptoms can vary quite a bit depending on the severity and level of one’s injury. This article is going to cover some …

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occupational therapy treatment ideas for stroke patients to regain independence

7 Occupational Therapy Treatment Ideas for Stroke Patients

As you recover from a stroke, you’ll encounter many different health care providers along the way who are ready to help you get back to …

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finding the best gifts for adults with cerebral palsy

Ideal Gifts for Adults with Cerebral Palsy

Finding the best gifts for adults with cerebral palsy doesn’t have to be hard. We’re sure that your loved one will love anything you get …

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step by step guide on regaining arm movement after stroke

7 Effective Methods for Regaining Arm Movement After Stroke

There are many different methods for regaining arm movement after stroke. However, every stroke is different, so everyone will respond differently to treatment. The best …

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doctor waiting outside hospital with aspirin for emergency stroke treatment

Aspirin for Emergency Stroke Treatment: When Can It Be Safely Used?

When taken correctly, aspirin can serve as an effective stroke treatment for mild to moderate strokes. However, when taken incorrectly, it can be fatal, so …

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using orthosis for spinal cord injury healing

Using an Orthosis for Spinal Cord Injury to Promote Healing and Mobility

What does an orthosis for spinal cord injury patients do, and is it absolutely necessary? After a traumatic event like spinal cord injury, your doctor …

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