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spinal cord injury patient using acupuncture for pain relief

Acupuncture for Spinal Cord Injury: Can It Help Relieve Pain & Promote Mobility?

Can acupuncture be an effective form of treatment for spinal cord injury patients? Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese practice that involves placing thin, hair-like needles into …

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spinal cord injury patient practicing aquatic therapy exercises with PT

Is Aquatic Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury More Effective Than Traditional Exercise?

There are several properties of water that can help spinal cord injury patients improve their mobility, especially when traditional physical therapy is not yielding results. …

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middle aged man sleeping after head injury with hands under head

Can’t Sleep After Head Injury? How to Overcome Post-Traumatic Insomnia

Wondering what to do when you can’t sleep after head injury? Quality sleep offers many important benefits to brain injury patients. For example, REM sleep …

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physiotherapist helping tbi patient maximize chances of a full recovery

Can TBI Patients Fully Recover? Tips to Boost Chances of a Higher Recovery

Can TBI patients fully recover from their injury? There are many misconceptions that surround TBI recovery. Unfortunately, these can make people believe they will live …

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Therapist helping patient with a permanent traumatic brain injury learn how to use a walker

Is Traumatic Brain Injury Permanent? How to Help the Brain Recover

Traumatic brain injury can cause serious changes to a person’s cognitive and physical abilities. When an area of the brain is damaged, it is permanently …

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woman in wheelchair practicing skills learned at occupational therapy for spinal cord injury

Occupational Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury Patients: How Everyday Activities Can Increase Independence

Occupational therapy after spinal cord injury focuses on easing the transition back to everyday life. SCI patients can maximize their independence by practicing everyday activities …

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Stroke survivor holding coffee cup and looking out window

Coffee and Stroke Risk: Comparing the Benefits & Drawbacks

Studies examining the association between coffee and stroke have had mixed results. While most of the evidence seems to indicate that coffee can actually help …

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Two adult sons laughing with elderly dad who had a stroke

How to Help Someone Who Had a Stroke: A Guide for Caregivers and Family Members

Stroke recovery can be a difficult process. It often takes constant, dedicated work to regain independence, which can be physically and emotionally draining. That’s why …

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specialist helping patient at physiotherapy for spinal cord injury patients

How to Maximize Mobility with Physiotherapy for Spinal Cord Injury

Physiotherapy for spinal cord injury rehabilitation focuses on optimizing mobility through exercise. Because every spinal cord injury is unique, every patient requires a personalized rehabilitation …

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son pushing wheelchair of elderly father who has hemiplegia and hemiparesis through the park

Understanding the Difference Between Hemiplegia vs. Hemiparesis After Stroke

Hemiplegia and hemiparesis are two of the most common physical side effects of stroke. Because of their similar-sounding names, patients often confuse the two terms. …

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