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stem cell therapy for stroke patients

Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke Recovery: How Does It Work?

Can stem cell therapy promote recovery after a stroke? This relatively recent breakthrough in stroke treatment appears very promising. In fact, recent studies utilizing stem …

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Doctor looking at female patient's x-ray explaining post-traumatic cervical dystonia to her

Post-Traumatic Cervical Dystonia: What It Is and How to Treat It

Post-traumatic cervical dystonia (also known as spasmodic torticollis) is a serious movement disorder that can occur after TBI. It’s a condition that causes the muscles …

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child with cerebral palsy experiencing hearing loss

Cerebral Palsy and Hearing Loss: Why It Happens & How to Treat It

Are individuals with cerebral palsy more likely to experience hearing loss? About 12% of individuals with cerebral palsy experience hearing impairments, according to the American …

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hand therapy balls with sheet of exercises behind it

Hand Therapy Ball Exercises to Improve Fine Motor Skills

To increase strength and dexterity in your hands after stroke, hand therapy ball exercises are a great, affordable option. Hand exercise balls are simple and …

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doctor showing patient info about apraxia after brain damage on her tablet

Apraxia After Brain Damage: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Apraxia is a possible secondary effect of brain damage that causes difficulty with executing coordinated muscle movements. Apraxia can manifest in a number of different …

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cerebral palsy behavior problems and management.

Can Cerebral Palsy Cause Behavior Problems?

Are children with cerebral palsy more prone to behavior problems? Behavior problems like temper tantrums are completely expected and typical in any young child.  However, …

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benefits of magnesium for brain injury recovery

Magnesium for Brain Injury Recovery: Can It Promote Healing?

Can magnesium help promote brain injury recovery? Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in the body and is involved in more than 300 …

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understanding botox for stroke patients in recovery

Botox for Stroke Patients: How It Can Help with Spasticity Relief

Is Botox an effective treatment for spasticity after stroke? Following a stroke, miscommunication between the brain and muscles can cause the muscles to involuntarily contract …

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what you need to know about regaining bladder function after spinal cord injury

Is Regaining Bladder Control After Spinal Cord Injury Possible?

Regaining bladder control after spinal cord injury may or may not be possible depending on the severity of your injury. About 80% of spinal cord …

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spinal cord injury bradycardia symptoms

Spinal Cord Injury and Bradycardia: Why You’re Feeling Weak and Tired

Bradycardia is a medical condition that occurs when your heart rate consistently falls below 60 beats a minute. To put this into perspective, anywhere between 60-100 beats …

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