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understanding spinal cord injury levels

The Ultimate Guide to Spinal Cord Injury Levels and Functions

All spinal cord injury levels receive sensory information from different areas of skin and innervate different muscles. The spine is made up of 33 vertebrae. …

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best ways to treat a swollen arm after stroke

How to Treat a Swollen Arm After Stroke

A swollen arm after stroke, particularly on the affected side, is a common side effect that many stroke survivors experience. You’re about to learn what …

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fish oil capsules on wooden spoon

The Brain-Boosting Effects of Fish Oil Therapy for Brain Injury

Fish oil is a great supplement to help boost cognitive function after brain injury. You’re about to learn the many health benefits of fish oil …

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understanding cerebral palsy orthotics

How to Get the Most Out of Orthotics for Cerebral Palsy

Orthotics for cerebral palsy patients are designed to help manage complications like spasticity, poor balance, and abnormal alignment. This article is going to explain how …

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doctor discussing regressing after stroke with patient

Regressing After Stroke: When It’s Normal & When to Seek Medical Attention

Regressing after stroke could be a sign of a serious medical complication or the natural process of recovery. How do you know if it’s a …

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what is paraplegic cerebral palsy

Paraplegic Cerebral Palsy: Causes, Expectations, and Management

Paraplegic cerebral palsy isn’t often acknowledged because it’s commonly mistaken for or grouped together with diplegic cerebral palsy. Diplegic cerebral palsy affects both sides of …

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flatlay of essential oils for stroke recovery

Must-Have Essential Oils for Stroke Recovery

Essential oils for stroke recovery might not be a magic pill, but they can help relieve some of the side effects of stroke like anxiety, …

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man rubbing head and holding glass of water which will help with his mild TBI recovery

The Ultimate Guide to Mild TBI Recovery

Mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often more serious than people realize. If the proper steps are not taken, the person can experience symptoms for …

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woman sitting next to hospital bed with husband in coma after stroke

Coma After Stroke: What Causes It, and What Are the Chances of Waking Up?

Watching someone that has fallen into coma after stroke can be frightening because it’s often unknown if or when they will wake up. To help …

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occupational therapist recommending tools to stroke patient

19 Occupational Therapy Tools for Stroke Patients that Boost Independence

Occupational therapy tools for stroke patients enable individuals to become independent and achieve their goals after stroke. You’re about to discover 19 occupational therapy tools …

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