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understanding vagus nerve spinal cord injury

Can Stimulating the Vagus Nerve After Spinal Cord Injury Promote Healing?

Can stimulating the vagus nerve be an effective treatment for spinal cord injury recovery? The vagus nerve is an extremely versatile nerve that plays a …

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occupational therapist working with patient on sensory reeducation after stroke

Sensory Reeducation: How to Achieve the Return of Sensation After Stroke

Is it possible to achieve the return of sensation after stroke? Can patients that can’t feel anything overcome their numbness? Fortunately, there is hope for …

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3-d image of brain experiencing a frontal lobe stroke

Frontal Lobe Stroke: Causes, Side Effects, and Recovery

The frontal lobe is the largest lobe in the brain. It handles most of our higher cognitive functions, including language and memory. Therefore, a frontal …

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caregiver with basal ganglia stroke survivor

The Long-Term Effects of Basal Ganglia Stroke & How to Recover

Basal ganglia stroke is a rare type of stroke that can lead to unique long-term effects. You’re about to learn what side effects may occur …

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soldier listening to doctor describe blast-induced traumatic brain injury

Understanding Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury: Mechanism, Symptoms, and Treatment

Blast-induced traumatic brain injury can be more complicated than other TBIs. It can cause more complex and dangerous symptoms than brain injuries caused by car …

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walking after spinal cord injury is possible and here's why

How to Recover Walking After Spinal Cord Injury: Timeline and Treatments

Is walking after spinal cord injury possible? What are the best treatments to walk again after spinal cord injury? Learning to walk after spinal cord …

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7 Ways to Boost Your Chances of Recovery from Stroke Paralysis

What are your chances of recovery from stroke paralysis? If you find yourself wondering how much hope there is for recovery, you’re in luck. You’re …

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cerebral palsy body temperature regulation problems

Does Cerebral Palsy Affect Body Temperature Regulation?

Many children with cerebral palsy experience problems with body temperature regulation. Changes in the weather, limited mobility, and brain damage can result in irregular thermoregulation. …

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close up of doctor holding patient's hand, answering whether head injury can cause parkinson's

Can Head Injury Cause Parkinson’s Disease? Understanding the Link Between TBI and Parkinsonism

Can head injury cause Parkinson’s Disease? And does TBI increase a person’s chances of developing Parkinson’s? Although it is rare for a head injury to …

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Happy mature woman looking out window and thinking about how she overcame both brain injury and depression

Brain Injury and Depression: Finding Happiness After TBI

Depression is a common emotional side effect of traumatic brain injury. Chronic depression can greatly impair a person’s recovery, making it nearly impossible to continue …

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