MusicGlove Hand Therapy

$489 $459

 Clinically proven to improve hand function in 2 weeks

FlintFit Stroke Therapy Program


FlintFit DVDs contain full body rehab exercise videos featuring licensed therapists

Hand Therapy Putty


Therapy putty with 4 levels of resistance to increase flexibility and strength in your hand

MusicGlove Pop Song Pack


Add more variety to your MusicGlove hand therapy regimen with 12 new pop songs in our extension pack

FlintFit Resistance Bands


11 piece resistance band set with door anchor, ankle strap, workout instructions and carrying case

Healing & Happiness After Stroke


Boost self-esteem, well-being, and healing with a science-based approach to a happier recovery

Xtend Thumb Orthosis


Excellent for opening your thumb while using MusicGlove hand therapy

Orbitals Hand Exercisers


Squishy stress relief balls in 3 levels of resistance to improve strength and flexibility in your hand