Improve Mobility with Flint Rehab’s Recovery Tools

FitMi Home Therapy

  • Helps improve mobility with interactive physical therapy exercises
  • Promotes neuroplasticity by motivating you to achieve high repetition
  • Keeps you optimally challenged by unlocking more difficult exercises as you progress

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MusicGlove Hand Therapy

  • Clinically proven to improve hand function in 2 weeks
  • Promotes high repetition of hand exercise while immersed in a therapeutic, music-based game
  • Tracks your progress to show your improvement over time

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MiGo Activity Tracker

  • Tracks every move you make – including small¬†movements that most activity¬†trackers miss
  • Creates daily “Smart Goals” that adapt to your movement level and keep you challenged
  • Keep track of custom weekly goals in the MiGo app that syncs via Bluetooth

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