Flint Rehab Government Services

Direct Purchase / Open Market Option

Flint Rehabilitation Devices, LLC
18023 Sky Park Circle Suite H2
Irvine, CA 92614

Sales & Service: (800) 593 – 5468

Fax: (949) 419-1394
Email: sales@flintrehab.com
DUNS: 078285646
TIN: 45-3756413

Government Contract Holder / Closed Market Option

Tryco Inc.
6736 Old McLean Village Dr.
McLean, VA 22101

Customer service: (800) 934 – 3452

DAPA Equipment: SP0200-09-H-0050
DAPA Med/Surg: SP0200-02-H-0042
ECAT Equipment: SPE2DH-16-D-0017
FSS #: V797D-70077

Please fax/email Charge Sheet/PO to:
Fax: 703-734-0511
Email: tryco@tryco.org

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Who We Serve

Flint Rehab Devices is SAM registered and works exclusively with Tryco, Inc; an established Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB).

This relationship allows us to serve and provide for multiple government healthcare facilities including:

  • Department of Veterans Affairs (VA MEDICAL CENTERS)
  • Department of Defense (Military Treatment Facilities)
  • Indian Health Service

And many more.

Rehabilitation Tools We Provide

We offer two rehabilitation devices: FitMi and MusicGlove

Learn more about them by watching the videos below.

FitMi Full-Body Therapy

FitMi is a rehabilitation tool that contains two sensorized pucks and a therapy based app that makes tabletop exercise more engaging for patients. Therapists can schedule 40 dierent exercises for patients like reach-to-target, rolling, stacking, and gripping.

The FitMi app logs all patient data, and provides real time visual and haptic feedback for the patient after each repetition is complete. The device is safe, easy to understand, and can be used in the clinic with a therapist or at home without supervision.

FitMi Intro Video

FitMi Testimonial Video

FitMi Testimonial Video

MusicGlove Hand Therapy

MusicGlove is an FDA listed device that includes a wearable sensorized glove and a therapy-based musical game on an included tablet.

MusicGlove motivates patients to perform hundreds of functional hand and finger repetitions while playing an engaging musical game. It is gradeable to the patient’s level of impairment and tracks their progress after each therapy session.

The device is safe, easy to understand, and can be used in the clinic with a therapist or at home without supervision


Clinically Validated Prosthetic Device

MusicGlove hand therapy is now covered for veterans to use by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service.

MusicGlove is clinically proven to improve hand function in 2 weeks.

The device is also proven to significantly increase self-reported functional use and quality of movement in the impaired hand than conventional home exercises. (Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development)

The device is a sensorized glove that tracks your movement as you play along to a musical game.

MusicGlove Intro Video

MusicGlove Testimonial Video

Helen Hayes Hospital

MusicGlove Testimonial Video

Tresa Walker – Stroke Survivor

Continuum of Care

Flint provides tools for rehab treatment centers throughout the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department which includes:

  • Occupational, Physical and Recreational Therapy
  • Skilled and Assisted Living
  • Spinal Cord Injury and Disorders (SCI/D)
  • Polytrauma

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