FlintFit: An Affordable Stroke Therapy Program

FlintFit is an affordable stroke rehab exercise program that lets you exercise with a licensed therapist without ever leaving your home.

Follow along with licensed therapists as they guide you through rehab exercise videos for the hand, arm, shoulder, core, and legs.

FlintFit is free for 30 days and $10/month after that.



Start Your Personalized Stroke Rehab Program

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Step 1: Choose the body part you want to workout and select the difficulty level


Step 2: Follow along with 10 minute exercises led by a licensed therapist

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Step 3: Track your improvements, earn rewards and discounts

Stroke Therapy on Your Terms



Participate in therapist guided rehab exercise videos for the legs, core, arms, and hands from the comfort of your own home. Get effective therapy that can help improve your daily life.

Our goal is to help you improve your mobility, freedom and quality of life. FlintFit is an effective and affordable stroke therapy program that you can use daily to help your recovery.


FlintFit is free for 30 days and just $10/month after that.