MiGo for Wheelchair Users


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Count Reps, not Steps, with MiGo!

Get Motivated with the First Activity Tracker for Upper Body Only

What is MiGo?

MiGo is the first activity tracker designed to track upper body movements unique to wheelchair users.

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Put MiGo on your wrist and get going!
  • Step 2: MiGo will record your arm movements as “Rep Counts.”
  • Step 3: Complete your daily “Rep Count” goal. MiGo will update your goal each morning to keep you motivated to move more each day.

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What Makes MiGo Different from Other Smart Watches?

Designed for Wheelchair Users

Unlike other activity trackers, MiGo is designed to count the unique arm movements of wheelchair users.

Smart Goals

MiGo will adapt to your movement level and set a unique smart goal for you every day.

Collaborative Groups & Group Chat

Stay accountable by creating a weekly goal that you, your family, and friends can all work together to achieve.

Keep Yourself Challenged with Smart Goals

MiGo Adapts to Your Movement Level and Sets a Smart Goal Each Day

Your Smart Goal displays at the top of your screen so that you know what you’re working for.

Studies also show that recovery is enhanced when patients are challenged at an appropriate level – formally called the “Challenge Point Framework.”

As your reps increase, your Smart Goal will get higher and higher so that you can get better and better.

This keeps you optimally challenged at all times.

Finally! Rehab Tech That’s Easy to Use!

MiGo Literally Works Right Out of the Box

Simply strap it to your arm and get moving!

MiGo keeps everything simple with:

  • Large numbers
  • One easy-to-push button
  • One rep count number
  • One easy-to-understand daily goal
  • No smartphone required

But if you want to get more techy, you have the option to connect MiGo to your smartphone to keep track of your performance history and join collaborative groups.

Never Do Rehab Alone Again

Get Everyone Involved in Your Recovery

Your caregivers, friends, and family can join you on the road to recovery by getting a MiGo of their own.

Everyone wants to support you in your recovery, and now you can stay connected through MiGo groups.

When you create a public or private group in the MiGo app, everyone can contribute to a custom group goal.

Then, your family and friends can cheer you on in the group chat room and support you on the road to recovery.

Know Your Reps and Stay Motivated on the Road to Recovery

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Let MiGo show you exactly how much you’re moving, so that you stay motivated to recover.

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