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About Us

At Flint, we believe rehabilitation is more than just a regimen. It’s rebuilding a life full of the activities you love – and having fun while you’re at it! That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to using the latest clinical research and innovative ideas to create engaging, effective tools to spark recovery.

We’re on Your Side

Our relationships are important to us, and even if you never buy one of our products, you can still enjoy our extensive rehabilitation blog with hundreds of free articles. We want to empower you to achieve your highest potential. We’re on your side no matter what.


Flint Rehabilitation Devices began with MusicGlove, a next-generation rehab device that infuses hand therapy with the engaging element of music. MusicGlove was invented by Nizan Friedman, Ph.D., in the research labs at the University of California, Irvine. Along with his colleague Dan Zondervan, Ph.D., the two spent a year trying different versions of the glove until they finally found the one. (If you’re curious, here’s an early prototype of what MusicGlove used to look like.)

Then the magic happened. MusicGlove gained momentum and we were awarded a Small Business Innovative Research grant from the National Institutes of Health that funded clinical trials for the device. Now, we proudly manufacture MusicGlove in the USA with absolute confidence in its proven effectiveness.

Since developing MusicGlove, we’re on track to release many more innovative and engaging devices. Stay tuned!