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Encompass Health Evaluation Agreement

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my Evaluation Unit contain?

Your facility will receive the MusicGlove Portable Suite with 10” Touchscreen Tablet. This option contains: 

6 MusicGlove devices (small/medium/large sizes, left/right orientation) and a 10″ Touchscreen Tablet with the MusicGlove software preinstalled.

How can my facility benefit from requesting an Evaluation?

During your Evaluation period, we encourage you to showcase our devices to multiple audiences and users. Providers can compare our devices to conventional therapy before making any financial commitment.

When will the device arrive and who pays for the shipping?

Once your agreement is received, please allow up to 2-4 weeks for delivery. Flint Rehabilitation Devices will cover all shipping costs of the Evaluation. If you decide to return your unit, Flint will provide you with a prepaid return label upon request.


Is any special training required?

Our devices are ready to use right out of the box with no special training required. Each unit takes less than 5 minutes to set-up and is designed to be user & clinician friendly.

Can my patients purchase or demo Flint products?

We offer an affordable option for your patients to experience our rehab devices for home use. You can learn about this home option in our Flint Rehab Catalog for Encompass Health or search “MusicGlove” in your SmartSystem.

Will I receive a brand new device as my evaluation unit?

No. Once an evaluation unit is returned, our team thoroughly cleans and deletes all information stored. We repackage and respond to inquiries in the order they are received.

Can I purchase my evaluation unit?

Yes, pricing starts at $998. You can learn about all of the MusicGlove options in our Flint Rehab Catalog for Encompass Health or search “MusicGlove” in your SmartSystem.