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What Are  FlintFit DVDs?

FlintFit DVDs contain safe, full body stroke rehab exercise videos for the legs, core, arm, and hand.

Each video is guided by licensed therapists using exercises straight from the clinic.

What Do I Get?

You get a total of 4 DVDs containing rehab exercises for the legs, core, arm, and hand.

Each DVD contains different levels of exercises, including warm ups, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 exercises.

Do I Need Movement?

FlintFit is perfect for anyone rehabilitating from a stroke.

If you suffer from post stroke paralysis, then you can perform the warm up exercises passively until you regain enough movement to move onto active Level 1 exercises.

Here’s an Overview of Exactly What You’ll Get:

One DVD with Stroke Rehab Exercises for the Hand

Sample Video: Level 3 Hand Exercises


OT Barbara Brewer takes the lead in this hand exercise series. Barbara is a stroke guru that has been practicing occupational therapy for over 30 years. She believes in a holistic approach to stroke recovery. The videos in the hands DVD series include:

Hand Warm-up (5 minute video) Exercises: Wrist stretch, Open palm wrist stretch, Wrist turning, Palm up/down, Finger pull, Hands clasped, Table push Stretch, and Chin resting on palm
Hand Level 1 (10 minute video) Exercises: Wrist lateral movement, Wrist flexion, Palm Flipping, Finger nerve glide, Wrist extension, Wrist place and hold, Finger place and hold, and Hand slide.
Hand Level 2 (10 minute video) Exercises: Relaxed palm, Grasp and release, Wrist curl, Water bottle turn, Controlled grip, Pen rolling, Finger stretch, and Coin slide
Hand Level 3 (10 minute video) Exercises: Digit lifts, Finger curl, Pen spin, Coin drop, Coin slide, Page turn, Paper fold, Paper rip, Paper crumple, and Paper flick.

One DVD with Stroke Rehab Exercises for the Arm

Sample Video: Warm Up Arm Exercise

OT Barbara returns with another series for arm exercises. She uses household items like a cane, a water bottle, and bodyweight to help strengthen and stretch your arm and shoulder muscles. The videos in the arms DVD series include:

Arm Warm-up (5 minutes video) Exercises: Hand clasp, Wrist stretch, Arm stretch, and Weight bearing wrist stretch.
Arm Level 1 (10 minute video) Exercises: Cane side movement, Cane leaning, Cane circles, Cane lateral movement, Cane reach, Straight bottle push, Side bottle push, and Arm circles.
Arm Level 2 (10 minute video) Exercises: Punching bottle, Bottle pushing, Wrist supination, Bicep curl, Shoulder Roll, and Desk pushes.
Arm Level 3 (10 minute video) Exercises: Toe taps, Straight leg raise, Bridges, Crunches, and Oblique crunches

One DVD with Stroke Rehab Exercises for the Core

Sample Video: Level 1 Core Trunk Circles

Cassi Church is a doctor of physical therapy and joined FlintFit to share her knowledge with the stroke community. Her core exercise series covers everything from breathing exercises to more difficult stretch building exercises. The videos in the core DVD series include:

Core Warm-up (5 minutes video) Exercises: Cervical flexion stretch, Cervical rotation stretch, Cervical lateral flexion stretch, Trunk rotation stretch, Trunk lateral flexion stretch, Anterior/posterior pelvic tilt
Core Level 1 (10 minute video) Exercises: Deep Breathes, Back extensor – isometric hold, Trunk rotation, Lateral trunk flexion, Seated trunk extension, Trunk circles
Core Level 2 (10 minute video) Exercises: Forward punches, Downward punches, Lateral punches, Knee to chest, Hooklying leg rotation, Hooklying – knee to chest
Core Level 3 (10 minute video) Exercises: Toe taps, Straight leg raise, Bridges, Crunches, Oblique crunches

One DVD with Stroke Rehab Exercises for the Legs

Sample Video: Level 2 Legs Exercises

Lily Molano is a doctor of physical therapy who believes that stroke recovery comes from hard work and perseverance — and having fun along the way. Her leg exercise series shows how to safely work out the whole leg from your toe to your torso. The videos in the legs DVD series include:

Legs Warm-up (5 minutes video) Exercises: Weight support, Butterfly stretch, Hamstring stretch, Calf stretch, Ankle adduction and Ankle abduction.
Legs Level 1 (10 minute video) Exercises: Weight bearing with legs crossed, Hip external rotator stretch, Ankle Dorsiflexion, Ankle circles, Hip external rotation, Knee extension, Hip flexion, and Assisted toe raises.
Legs Level 2 (10 minute video) Exercises: Seated marching, Knee extension, Hip abduction, Toe Clasp, Toe Raises, Heel Raises, Ankle Eversion, Ankle Abduction, and Partial sit to stand.
Legs Level 3 (10 minute video) Exercises: Draw a V with foot, Draw an 0 with foot, Draw letters on the ground, Bicycle, Reverse Bicycle, Hip external rotation, Heel slides, and Assisted sit to stand.