MiGo: The First Activity Tracker Designed for Recovery

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Track Every Rep with MiGo!

Don’t Let Your Hard-Earned Movements Go Unnoticed

MiGo is the first activity tracker designed specifically for rehab.

It tracks more than just steps — it tracks every move you make, including arm, trunk, and leg movements that most activity trackers miss. It’s also smart enough to rule out unintentional movements, like a tremor.

Knowing your “rep count” is incredibly important for rehab, but unfortunately most stroke survivors aren’t aware of their daily movements.

Research shows that if you get feedback on how much you are moving, you have a much better chance at recovery.

Small Signs of Progress Lead to Big Results

Know Your “Rep Count” for a Better Recovery

MiGo is your personal cheerleader that will not only give you a “rep count,”  but will motivate you to move your affected side with a unique Smart Goal!

Can you imagine what it would be like to train for a race without knowing how fast your time was each day? It would be impossible know if you were improving.

Similarly with rehab, it is critical to make small improvements each day or week. But you can’t push yourself to see those gains unless you have a reliable number to count on.

What Makes MiGo Different from Other Smart Watches?

Works for All Stages of Recovery

Whether you use a walker, wheelchair, or can’t leave your bed, MiGo is sensitive enough to count your daily movements.

Full-Body Rep Counter

MiGo leaves no rep behind. MiGo’s patent-pending algorithms can register even small movements like brushing your teeth.

Collaborative Groups & Group Chat

Stay accountable by creating a weekly goal that you, your family, and friends can all work together to achieve.

Keep Yourself Challenged with Smart Goals

MiGo Adapts to Your Movement Level and Sets a Smart Goal Each Day

Your Smart Goal displays at the top of your screen so that you know what you’re working for.

Studies also show that recovery is enhanced when patients are challenged at an appropriate level – formally called the “Challenge Point Framework.”

As your reps increase, your Smart Goal will get higher and higher so that you can get better and better.

This keeps you optimally challenged at all times.

Finally! Rehab Tech That’s Easy to Use!

MiGo Literally Works Right Out of the Box

Simply strap it to your arm and get moving!

MiGo keeps everything simple with:

  • Large numbers
  • One easy-to-push button
  • One rep count number
  • One easy-to-understand daily goal
  • No smartphone required

But if you want to get more techy, you have the option to connect MiGo to your smartphone to keep track of your performance history and join collaborative groups.

Never Do Rehab Alone Again

Get Everyone Involved in Your Recovery

Your caregivers, friends, and family can join you on the road to recovery by getting a MiGo of their own.

Everyone wants to support you in your recovery, and now you can stay connected through MiGo groups.

When you create a public or private group in the MiGo app, everyone can contribute to a custom group goal.

Then, your family and friends can cheer you on in the group chat room and support you on the road to recovery.

Questions About the Pre-Sale

1. What is the MiGo Pre-Sale?
We are offering an early chance for our newsletter and customer community to have access to our newest technology. As a bonus, the pre-sale discount is 25% off the retail price at $159!

2. How long will it take for the MiGo to get to me?
For all backorders, MiGo will ship by November 14th.

3. If I don’t like MiGo, can I return it?
Yes! As always, we offer a no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. If I am too late to get the first 100 units, then what?
You can still pre-order a MiGo before anyone else. As a pre-order, you will be first in line to receive your MiGo during our official launch later this year. We guarantee that you will receive your MiGo for the holidays. 

5. If I don’t have movement in my affected side, can I still use MiGo?
Yes. We recommend that you use MiGo as a passive exercise tracker. Stretching and exercising your affected side with your non affected side will increase your MiGo rep count. You can use these counts to increase the amount movement your affected side is getting each day — this is critical for recovery!

Know Your Reps and Stay Motivated on the Road to Recovery

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