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Flint Rehabilitation Devices is a proud partner of the National Stroke Association. On this page you will find all our stroke rehabilitation products that can help improve your mobility on the road to recovery.

Ten percent of all the proceeds from our products listed here will be donated to the National Stroke Association to help spread stroke awareness!

About the National Stroke Association:

National Stroke Association was formed in 1984 to fill a void as the only national nonprofit healthcare organization focusing 100 percent of its resources and attention on stroke.

Through the organizations mission to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke, National Stroke Association develops compelling education and programs focused on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and support for all impacted by the disease.

About Flint Rehabilitation Devices:

Our first product, MusicGlove hand therapy, gained popularity in the stroke community because it was the first game-based rehab device for hand therapy.

Since MusicGlove, we released FlintFit, a video-based rehab exercise service, and we’re about to release another exciting new full body rehab device!

Our Stroke Rehab Products

MusicGlove Hand Therapy

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MusicGlove is a hand therapy device that is clinically proven to improve hand function in 2 weeks

MusicGlove Pop Song Pack

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Add more variety to your MusicGlove hand therapy regimen with 12 new pop songs in our extension pack

FlintFit – Stroke Therapy Videos



FlintFit is an online video subscription service that contains full body rehab exercise videos guided by licensed therapists

Stroke Recovery and Prevention Articles

Full Body Exercises for Stroke Patients


Enjoy our most popular post from the blog archives!

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