FitMi Home Therapy Device Officially Launches!

FitMi Home Therapy Device Officially Launches!

If you’re trying to improve movement in your body after stroke, then we have a very exciting announcement for you.

On June 1st, we officially launched a brand new home therapy device called FitMi.

FitMi is an interactive tool that helps you regain movement in your full-body – and do it faster than traditional means.

First we’ll explain what FitMi is, then we’ll explain how it helps you recover faster.

FitMi Makes Home Therapy Motivating

FitMi is an interactive tool that comes with two hockey puck-shaped sensors and the Rehab Studio app.

With the pucks, you perform various therapeutic movements, which are meticulously tracked by FitMi’s high-tech sensors.

Then, you follow along with the exercises in the Rehab Studio app. It’s a lot of fun!

See the video below to watch an example of stroke survivors using FitMi at the clinic:

Recover Faster by Getting the Repetition You Need

Repetition is the single most important thing for recovery because it activates neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is the mechanism that rewires and heals your brain, which is especially important for stroke survivors during recovery.

It works in a chain reaction like this:

  • The more you practice something, the more you activate neuroplasticity.
  • The more you activate neuroplasticity, the stronger the connections in your brain become.
  • The stronger you brain becomes, the stronger you become.

As you can see, repetition is essential for recovery.

Unfortunately, most stroke patients only complete around 30-40 reps during traditional therapy.

That isn’t very much, which means you need to participate in a lot of therapy sessions to see results.

FitMi Motivates 12x More Repetition

FitMi is effective because it motivates you to achieve a high number of repetitions. A seriously high number.

When we tested FitMi with 22 stroke survivors at the clinic, everyone was able to complete over 400 reps in just 30 minutes of exercise – including those with severe motor impairment.

That’s 12x more repetition than traditional therapy!

Some patients even accomplished 1,600 repetition in just those 30 minutes of exercise! That’s a LOT of reps, which means that neuroplasticity is being activated to the max.

Patients Are Already Seeing Success

FitMi was designed to help you see results faster than traditional home therapy.

We pre-launched FitMi a couple months ago (if you didn’t get that invite, you can join our mailing list here), and patients are already experiencing improved strength and mobility.

For example, after just one month of use, stroke survivor Mary significantly improved her balance and gait (manner of walking), which helped her get up the stairs by herself for the first time ever!

You can watch Mary’s FitMi testimonial below.

Mary can attest to FitMi’s effectiveness.

High reps and consistency always produce results.

FitMi Is an Award-Winning, Therapist-Approved Device

Mary isn’t the first person to rave about FitMi.

The occupational therapists at the American Occupational Therapist Association conference of 2017 were raving, too.

Over 14,000 people voted at the conference, and FitMi was voted “Best of Show!”

FitMi is a therapist-approved device that both patients and therapists can get excited about.

You Don’t Need Movement to Qualify for FitMi

Perhaps the best feature of FitMi is that you can use it at any stage of recovery.

This means that FitMi grows with you, and you don’t need to buy more rehab tools as you improve.

FitMi is even suitable for stroke survivors with no movement in their affected side. To get started, you can use your non-affected arm to assist your affected side and participate passively.

Passive exercise works to stimulate neuroplasticity and rewire your brain the same way that regular exercise does. And with time and practice, you can regain movement in your paralyzed limbs!

Try FitMi Risk-Free!

With all rehab devices, you want to make sure that it’s a good fit for you.

That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with FitMi, you can return it and we’ll pay for the return shipping.

If you decide that FitMi is a good match for you, then you’re still covered by a 1-year warranty on all parts.

If you’re ready to take your home therapy to the next level, then check out FitMi on our web store and order yours today!