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Flint Rehab Evaluation Agreement

Clinicians can demo our devices free for 21 days by filling out the form below.

Need a hard copy? Click here to download.

Prior to shipping out your Evaluation Unit, we will call the number listed to confirm your information.

Terms and Conditions:

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully. By checking the confirmation box on this webpage, you and/or your facility (i.e. the Evaluator) are guaranteeing agreement to all Terms and Conditions as stated:

  1. Flint Rehabilitation Devices, LLC (Flint) offers a free Evaluation for certain Products of thirty (30) days (i.e. the Period), starting from the date Flint ships the Product(s) from our facilities (i.e. 9 days for Product shipping followed by a 21 day Evaluation, generally). The Period End Date will be provided by email when the Product(s) is/are shipped from our facilities.
  2. The Evaluator will not be held liable for any damages or wear related to normal use of the Product(s).
  3. Flint will cover ALL shipping costs for the Evaluation (unless a 21″ touchscreen desktop unit is selected). The Point of Contact listed on this webpage will receive an email confirmation once the Product has been shipped, which will include a shipping tracking number. Upon request, Flint will provide a prepaid return label for return shipping.
  4. The Evaluator shall ship the Product(s) back to Flint by the Period End Date. Please call (800) 593-5468 to receive your prepaid return label.
  5. In the event the Evaluator fails to ship the Product(s) back to Flint by the Period End Date, or the Product(s) is/are lost or stolen while in the Evaluator’s possession or control, the Evaluator agrees that the Product(s) will be deemed to have been sold to the Evaluator, and the Evaluator agrees to purchase each Product at the listed retail price at the date of the Agreement.