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Neuro Rehab for Arms, Trunk, and Legs

The Rehab I have Been Looking For

"One day I work on my arm and hand. The next day I work on more leg. I can see my whole body improving." - Martina A.


Neuro Rehab for Fingers and Hands

Like Guitar Hero, but with a glove!

"With consistent use she is gaining finger movement and learning to isolate the fingers used." - Justine


Neuro Rehab Movement Tracker

Better than advertised

"Having been a former Fitbit user, I’m excited about my MiGo. Using peer pressure as a motivator within the group setting is fun." - Robert

CT App

Speech, Cognitive, and Memory Therapy

I recommend this therapy

"I find the app uses similar methods used by my speech therapist." - Linda G.

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