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FitMi FAQs for Kaiser

How do I set up my FitMi device?

What are the details of the FitMi research study?

FitMi is a rehabilitation device designed to help you improve mobility after a stroke. You have the opportunity to use the FitMi free of charge for 3 months.

After each month, you will receive an evaluation that will test for changes in your ability to move your affected side.

How many hours should I be using FitMi each day?

The recommended regimen is a minimum of 3 hours per week (roughly 30 minutes per day)

Please follow the “FitMi Exercise Regimen” document provided by your therapist. Your performance will be saved and reviewed by your therapist at each of your 1 month visits. 

Who should I contact if I have technical questions?

For the fastest response, give us a call at 949-667-0140 and we will be happy to help you!