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Survivor Spotlight: Becky


“I’m living proof of what’s possible.”

Becky is a brain stem stroke survivor. This particular type of stroke can have severe effects such as coma or locked-in syndrome (where everything but the eyes are paralyzed).

Initially, Becky had locked-in syndrome and could not moving anything below her nose. Her doctor said she would be that way all her life. And well, look at her now!

Becky regained movement in her right side and partial movement in her left side. However, her left hand remained clenched tight in a fist. She used MusicGlove to exercise her hand and reduce spasticity in her fingers. Her hand is now partially open, which is a huge accomplishment.

This stroke warrior is an example of what’s possible as long as you don’t give up and keep pursuing recovery. If you’d like to improve mobility in your hand after a stroke, check out MusicGlove below:

MusicGlove Hand Therapy


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