8 Hand Therapy Putty Exercises + Free Exercise Sheet

8 Hand Therapy Putty Exercises + Free Exercise Sheet

Hand therapy putty exercises are a great way to regain dexterity in your hand with a simple, affordable accessory.

Regain Fine Motor Skills with Hand Putty Exercises

To regain fine motor skills after stroke, you need to exercise your affected hand repetitively on a consistent basis.

Massed practice is the key to recovering mobility after stroke. The more you repeat the exercises, the faster you’ll regain movement.

If you’re worried that you aren’t exercising enough, ask yourself if you’re exercising regularly.

Do you have a consistent schedule that you’re sticking to? Are you utilizing a high number of repetitions?

If your answer is yes, then you’re doing everything you can to regain hand movement quickly.

Now, let’s exercise.

Therapy Putty Exercises

hand putty exercises

Exercise 1: Finger Scissors

Roll your putty into a ball and squeeze it between your fingers.

Exercise 2: Fingertip Pinch

Take your rolled up putty and pinch it using your thumb and fingertips.

Exercise 3: Power Grip

Grab your putty and squeeze all your fingers into it.

Exercise 4: Flat Pinch

Use your straightened fingers to pinch the putty down into your thumb.

therapy putty exercises

Exercise 5: Finger Spread

Take your putty, stretch it out, and wrap it around two fingers to form a donut shape. Then spread your fingers apart.

Exercise 6: Finger Extension

Take your putty and stretch it out. Then bend one of your fingers to make a hook and wrap the putty around the back of your finger. Once you’re set up, straighten your finger using the putty as resistance.

Exercise 7: Finger Spread

Take the putty, stretch it out, and wrap it around your hand in a donut shape while keeping your fingers together. Then spread your fingers out to stretch the putty out.

Exercise 8: Full Grip

Take the putty and form it into a ball and squeeze down, pressing your fingers into your palm.

You can also download these exercises as a PDF using the button below.

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