Survivor Stories: Recovery Is an Attitude Thing

Survivor Stories: Recovery Is an Attitude Thing

I want Nicole Marquez’s attitude to rub off on you. Really, I do.

Nicole has the most illuminating and inspiring attitude of anyone I know. Her spinal cord injury isn’t something she hides behind – it’s what makes her different and she owns it.

For those who didn’t catch our last article, Nicole Marquez is a brain injury survivor whose life forever changed after a fall from the roof of her 6-story apartment building. Nicole was left completely immobile and she had to work extremely hard to get to out of the hospital and back to normal life.

But she did it – and she did it with a positive attitude.

Nicole chose to let this life-changing event make her stronger, not worse. And it’s a choice she has to consciously make every day.

It’s a mindset thing.

She refuses to say “if only this didn’t happen,” or “if only I could get back to life as it was before.” Nope. Nicole chooses to view her situation as an opportunity instead of an obstacle.

And she’s very humble; she knows she’s not perfect at it. Some days are much harder than others and she knows it’s impossible to be positive 24/7. But she tries (and if you ask me, she’s succeeding even when she thinks she isn’t).

Nicole understands that her attitude is what helped her regain so much more movement than her doctors expected.

She describes it as a leap of faith.

“You can either take that leap of faith or you can stay here idle. But you have to do something. And if it works, it works. And if it doesn’t, at least you tried. But anything is possible.”

Nicole acknowledges that this thing has happened – this thing that has radically changed her life at such a young age – and she can’t go back.

So she goes forward instead.

Nicole and I wanted to share her story because we see far too many survivors being told that they’re victims. And when that mentality set in, it’s easy to get stuck.

But you’re not stuck.

You get to discover a new part of yourself and learn just how strong you really are.

And part of getting stronger is exploring new interests.

For example, Nicole learned that she enjoys public speaking, and now she travels all over the US giving talks. (You can hire her to speak – I bet she will leave you a thousand times more motivated than before.)

She also discovered that she loves writing, and she’s about to publish a book soon called “Falling Isn’t Failure” that tells the story of her recovery – keep an eye out for it.

If I could summarize Nicole’s lesson in one sentence, it would be this: If you believe in yourself and look for the silver lining in everything, then you’ll unlock your full potential – in your recovery and in life.

But you have to make the choice every day.

What leap of faith are you afraid to take?

And how can you change your attitude to make that leap possible?

For daily inspiration to fuel your recovery, visit Nicole’s Facebook page!