Yoga for Stroke Recovery

Yoga for Stroke Recovery

When we think of yoga, we often think of limber, bendy people that can morph their bodies into unimaginable shapes.

While it can seem intimidating at first, don’t let the pros scare you. There is a type of yoga for everyone, even beginners and stroke survivors!

While some types of yoga focus on flowing postures, others focus solely on breath and meditation. Now, how does this all tie into your stroke recovery?

The Science Behind the Mat

According to the American Stroke Association, group yoga therapy for individuals with chronic stroke has the potential to:

  • Improve balance
  • Improve quality of life
  • Reduce fear of falling
  • Improve independence with daily activities

If that isn’t reason enough to love yoga therapy already, it has also been shown to improve cognition, boost your mood, and reduce stress – all factors that help with stroke recovery and prevention.

If we’ve sold you on these benefits of yoga therapy for your stroke recovery, talk with your physical or occupational therapist to see how you can safely add yoga to your regimen.

A Lesson in Presence

Yoga poses aside, there’s another element to yoga that will help with your stroke recovery, and that’s living in the present moment. When practicing your rehabilitation exercises, devote every ounce of your energy, focus, and attention into your movement.

Instead of thinking about how long it will take to get to the finish line, become rooted into what’s happening right here and right now. With a little practice, you’ll begin to connect with your rehabilitation (and your life) in a whole new light.

Gratitude Is the Attitude

Forget about how long your recovery might take, and instead take it day by day. Focus all of your energy into the present moment and feel grateful that you’re farther along today than you were yesterday.

Be mindful, present, and optimistic.

If this article has resonated with you, have a talk with your therapist to see if yoga can be a beneficial addition to your rehabilitation regimen.

Have you tried yoga for stroke recovery? Leave us a comment below with any advice or feedback to share with our community!