Can Too Much Sitting Cause a Stroke?

Can Too Much Sitting Cause a Stroke?

Too much sitting is bad for your health. But how far do the consequences go?

In this article, you’ll learn how excessive sitting can increase your risk of stroke and other chronic diseases.

We’ll also provide some great options for anyone looking to reduce their sitting time. Let’s get started.

Excessive Sitting and Stroke

So, can too much sitting cause a stroke?

According to an article from StrokeSmart, yes. Researchers found that adults who watch more than 4 hours of television a day (meaning they sit for more than four hours) doubled their risk of stroke and had a 52% greater risk of death. Yikes!

Also, a sedentary lifestyle increases your risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease – all precursors to stroke. Now let’s look into why excessive sitting is so bad for us.

The Science Behind It

According to WebMD, sitting for excessively long periods of time causes muscles to burn less fat and blood to move more slowly.

Both of these side effects increase your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, which are both stroke risk factors.

Since a stroke is caused by a clogged or burst artery in the brain, we want to protect our cardiovascular health as best as we can to help prevent stroke.

How to Protect Your Health

Now that you know why too much sitting is bad for your health, let’s talk about how to fix it!

If you’re sitting too much because you’re working an office job, try getting up and moving for a couple minutes every hour to break up your excessive sitting time.

If you’re sitting too much because of physical restrictions, there are still ways to get moving. From a seated position, you can still do upper body exercises that will help get your blood pumping.

If you suffer from muscle weakness after stroke, you can try some assisted exercises (like water aerobics) that will make it easier for you to move your body.

So take a stand, make a move, do whatever it take to protect your health!

What’s your favorite way to get moving? Leave us a comment below!