3 Reasons to Love Music Therapy

3 Reasons to Love Music Therapy

Everyone loves music, but what if we told you that listening to music can actually boost your rehabilitation efforts and your health? We’re not kidding around. Here are 3 reasons why you should love music therapy too.

1. Music Therapy Accelerates Rehabilitation

Music therapy can serve as an essential aid for those recovering from stroke by promoting the repair of neural systems (i.e. brain plasticity) and enhancing concentration. When action and sound are aligned during rehabilitation efforts, the process of relearning motor skills is accelerated. That’s exactly why we made the MusicGlove, which links rhythm and hand movement together in a fun, engaging game.

2. Music Reduces Inflammation

Does music uplift your spirits? If so, you’re reducing inflammation in your body. Yes, really! Positive emotions are linked to less inflammation, which is an important step when trying to take back your health.

3. Music Boosts Immunity

Music is actually good for your immune system! If we want to get technical about the health benefits of music, we can discuss its psychoneuroimmunological effect… But that’s a mouthful. Instead, let’s talk about how melodies can actually help reduce stress. Science has shown that relaxing music actually helps reduce cortisol (the ‘stress hormone’) levels from rising during stressful situations. Feeling tense? Music is now a viable solution to a bad day.

Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or an enjoyable solution to regaining your motor skills after a stroke, music has the potential to cure all. Knowing that your body can benefit from the beat is reason enough to turn the volume up!