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The Best Natural Remedies for Stroke Recovery

using natural remedies for stroke recovery

Natural remedies for stroke recovery offer a gentle way to heal the body without the potential harsh side effects of pharmaceuticals.

While modern medicine can play an important role in your recovery, this article will tie everything back to natural solutions.

Although some may not seem like your typical ‘natural remedies,’ they’re still great options to consider.

Natural Remedies for Stroke Recovery

Before you dig into these natural remedies for stroke, be sure to check with your doctor before making drastic changes to your regimen.

While these remedies might work well for some people, they might interfere with preexisting medical conditions or medication you’re taking. Always consult a professional!

And with that said, let’s dig into the best natural remedies for stroke recovery:

1. Defeat Spasticity without Drugs

natural remedies for stroke

Spasticity is post stroke side effect characterized by stiff, tight muscles. Western doctors often treat spasticity with Botox and/or medication.

While Botox and medication can help relieve the symptoms of spasticity, they do not treat the root cause.

A natural remedy that reverses spasticity long-term is rehabilitation exercise. Repetitive exercise helps rewire the brain by sparking neuroplasticity.

When you regain control of the muscles through massed practice, the spasticity will progressively go away.

(See the Brunnstrom stages of stroke recovery to figure out when that will be.)

2. Relieve Post-Stroke Pain Naturally

acupuncture natural remedy for stroke

Sometimes acupuncture can help relieve post-stroke pain naturally.

While some stroke patients see amazing results from acupuncture, others don’t see anything. So if you decide to try it, set your expectations low.

Also, some acupuncturists are better than others. If you don’t see results, you may want to try another practitioner before giving up.

3. Improve Mobility with Acupuncture

Acupuncture may be useful for all sorts of stroke side effects, including mobility issues.

The studies are mixed, but since acupuncture is often covered by insurance, it’s worth a shot!

When acupuncture is combined with electrical stimulation, it can be even more effective.

Be sure to consult with a licensed acupuncturist AND your doctor before trying this natural remdey for stroke recovery.

4. Boost Brain Health with Natural Foods and Vitamins

natural ways to recover from stroke

Did you know that you can prevent stroke naturally with healthy food? It’s true!

And healthy food is also helpful for recovery from stroke by providing your brain with proper fuel.

Some of the best foods for stroke recovery are lean fish, blueberries, pomegranate, tomatoes, nuts, seeds, avocados, and beans.

These healthy foods will provide you with ample nutrients for recovery. But if you have trouble getting good food into your system, talk to your doctor about supplementing with vitamins for stroke recovery.

You want to make sure that you’re giving your body and brain everything it needs to heal!

5. Reverse Post-Stroke Depression Naturally

With 33% of stroke survivors struggling with post-stroke depression, exploring natural remedies is a must. Luckily there are 3 effective natural remedies for post-stroke depression:

  • First, meditation for stroke recovery has been proven to help alleviate depression, improve information processing, and relieve tiredness and fatigue.
  • Second, probiotics have been shown to significantly improve depression. That’s why it’s one of the best supplements for stroke recovery.
  • Lastly, a great way to improve depression after stroke is by rewiring the brain to be happier.

This is known as positive psychology, and our book Healing & Happiness After Stroke dive deep into this life-improving topic.

And there you have it! These are the best natural remedies for stroke recovery!

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