3 Fun Activities for Stroke Patients

3 Fun Activities for Stroke Patients

We’re extremely passionate about making rehab fun. Because if your therapy isn’t enjoyable, then you’re much less likely to stick to it.

So today we’d like to share 3 activities that are both fun and therapeutic.

Activity 1: Take Back Your Freedom with Dance Movement Therapy

Skills involved: Balance and motor control

Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) is a type of psychotherapy that can help you deal with emotional, cognitive, and physical challenges all at once. DMT can also help alleviate depression and anxiety that often occurs post stroke.

Aside from its many benefits, our favorite part of DMT is the freedom it gives you.

To perform Dance Movement Therapy, you don’t need to be a professional dancer or even a casual dancer. You just have to… move.

Do what feels good.

Sway side to side. Close your eyes. Get lost in it.

DMT might be the most authentic way to express yourself – and your body and mind will both benefit from it.

For a heartwarming story of how a woman changed her life through dance movement therapy, see the bottom of our article on Dance Movement Therapy.

Activity 2: Find Your Escape through Painting

Skills involved: Fine motor skills, grip, and motor control.

We found a touching story about how an art program changed a woman’s stroke recovery. Her name is Mary, and she was homesick while stuck in a hospital during her rehabilitation.

Despite having no movement in her thumb and two fingers, she picked up the chalk pastels beside her bed and started blending.

She created a drawing of a clear sky and lush, green grass – a scene that reminded her of home.

The art program helped Mary “escape from the grueling and taxing physical and occupational therapy exercises she goes through every day.”

It helped her escape.

Activity 3: Relive Your Childhood through Your Favorite Games

Skills involved: Language, memory, concentration, reasoning, and attention

We all have a favorite childhood game. For some it could be a simple card game of war; for others it could be the thrilling and strategic game of Battleship.

Whatever your favorite game is, that’s what you need to play.

Games keep you engaged and make you forget that you’re doing rehab in the first place.

Activity 4: Play Guitar Hero for Your Hand

Skills involved: Fine motor skills, grip, attention, and concentration.

Alright, this is a bonus activity because it’s personal.

Our hand therapy device, MusicGlove, is probably the most fun you can have while improving hand function – if you like Guitar Hero, that is.

MusicGlove works in a similar way by encouraging you to perform various pinching movement in sync with a musical game. It’s really fun and it’s clinically proven to improve hand function in just 2 weeks.

It honestly doesn’t get any better than that.

So whether you’re dancing, painting, or gaming, we hope that we’ve inspired you to start participating in fun forms of therapy.

Having fun can really help motivate you to pursue a higher recovery!