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Top 10 Stroke Recovery Books for Survivors and Caregivers

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Looking for some helpful, motivating books on stroke recovery? We created this list for both survivors and caregivers looking for insight on the road to recovery.

Whether you’re looking for something educational or motivational, this list has something for everyone.

The Best Stroke Recovery Books

Every stroke is different, and every recovery is different. While many people have help from a team of therapists, a large part of recovery is in your hands, especially once you arrive home. This is where books can help!

The following books on stroke recovery can help educate you and your loved ones with advice from therapists, brain scientists, and other stroke survivors. We included both technical guides and memoirs to provide you with a robust reading experience.

Here are some of the best books on stroke recovery:

1. “My Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor

my stroke of insight book cover

Year after year, “My Stroke of Insight” remains at the top of Amazon’s bestseller list for books on stroke recovery. The author, Jill Bolte Taylor, is both a brain scientist and a stroke survivor who delivered one of the most-watched TedTalks of all time. If you enjoy her TedTalk, you’ll love her book. (In fact, it was this book that inspired our post called 13 things every stroke survivor wished you knew!)

See My Stroke of Insight on Amazon »

2. “Stronger After Stroke” by Peter Levine

stronger after stroke book cover

As we review this list of books on stroke recovery every year, we keep “Stronger After Stroke” near the top because of it’s dense and helpful technicality. If you’re looking for a guide on the technical aspect of stroke, such as what therapies are available, this book is a great comprehensive guide. The author, Peter Levine, runs another stroke recovery blog also called Stronger After Stroke.

See Stronger After Stroke on Amazon »

3. “Healing & Happiness After Stroke” by Kari Dahlgren

healing and happiness after stroke book cover

While “Stronger After Stroke” focuses on the technical side of recovery, “Healing & Happiness After Stroke” focuses on the emotional side of recovery, which is just as important. If you struggle with loss of identity, loss of confidence, or depression, this book can help you find some healing and happiness, just like the title suggests.

See Healing and Happiness After Stroke on Amazon »

4. “The Brain that Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge

the brain that changes itself stroke recovery book

If you’re a fan of our blog here at Flint Rehab, then you know how much we love drilling the concept of neuroplasticity. It’s the mechanism the brain uses to heal itself after injury, such as a stroke, and it’s the key element in recovery.

This book covers neuroplasticity in depth. For example, you’ll learn about a woman that was born with half a brain and how her brain rewired itself to work as a whole! This book will show you what your brain is capable of and inspire you to tap into your potential.

See The Brain that Changes Itself on Amazon »

5. “Hope After Stroke” by Tsgoyna Tanzman

Written by a Speech-Language Pathologist and life coach, “Hope After Stroke” provides a holistic overview of the stroke recovery process. It covers everything from speech recovery to nutrition to social/emotional behaviors. If you’re looking for a book on stroke recovery that’s both practical and motivational, this is it.

See “Hope After Stroke” on Amazon »

6. “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” by Jean-Dominique Bauby

This memoir was written by a stroke survivor that sustained a condition called locked-in syndrome. This condition, which is often caused by a stroke in the brain stem, causes everything but the eyes to be paralyzed. If you’re ready for some (good!) tears and major life inspiration, give this memoir a read. (Or watch the movie that was based on this book!)

See “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” on Amazon »

7. “Healing the Broken Brain” by Dr. Mike and David Dow

This stroke recovery book was authored by both a psychotherapist and a stroke survivor, and contains contributions from a Speech-Language Pathologist. It contains a powerful intersection between hope and science. And if you struggle with language difficulties (aphasia) after a stroke, this book is an even better fit.

See “Healing the Broken Brain” on Amazon »

8. “Identity Theft: Rediscovering Ourselves After Stroke” by Debra Meyerson

This book is a deep-dive into the struggle with identity that many survivors face. It’s a motivating guide on how to rebuild your life and sense of identity after stroke. Debra provides personal wisdom from her own journey after going from a Stanford professor to completely unable to speak after her stroke.

See Identify Theft on Amazon »

9. “Tell Me Everything You Don’t Remember” by Christine Lee

In this memoir, Christine writes about her struggle with memory loss after stroke. By piecing together memories from her notebook, Christine explores her spiritual awakening that was catalyzed by the inability to remember.

See “Tell Me Everything You Don’t Remember” on Amazon »

10. “Brain Maker” by David Perlmutter

brain maker book cover suggested for stroke patients

This book explores the intimate connection between gut health and brain health. Although it is not stroke-specific, this area of nutrition is of great interest for stroke survivors that wish to provide their healing brain with as much nourishment as possible.

See “Brain Maker” on Amazon »

Bonus: “To Roots & To Rise” by Carole J. Starr

illustration of roots to rise stroke recovery book

This book is specific to brain injury, but much of it can apply to stroke recovery as well. We included “To Root & To Rise” on our list because, as one reviewer mentioned, it can be helpful to view a stroke as an injury, and that recovery is about healing that injury.

See “To Roots & To Rise” on Amazon »

Building Your Personal Stroke Recovery Book Library

This list contains some of the best books on stroke recovery, from technical guides to intimate memoirs. We hope you get a chance to explore these titles and gain deep insight from each author’s unique perspective.

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