A Science-Backed Way to Improve Hand Function in 6 Hours with MusicGlove

A Science-Backed Way to Improve Hand Function in 6 Hours with MusicGlove

When someone talks about a faster way to recover from stroke, you might instantly feel skeptical, and that’s good.

Because magic pills that speed recovery along don’t exist, and if someone tries to give some to you, don’t take them!

However, there are still scientifically proven ways to recover from stroke faster.

Our very own MusicGlove is a great example of this phenomenon because it’s clinically proven to improve hand function in 6 hours spread out over 2 weeks.

Many patients ask us how. How is that even possible?

To explain this, we will first discuss what makes traditional rehab a slow option.

Then we’ll explain how to speed recovery along – with or without MusicGlove.

Your Problem: Traditional Rehab Is Stuck in the Stone Age

Most stroke survivors are anxious to recover as much movement as possible in as little time as necessary.

This is a legitimate, understandable desire. One that we try to help you achieve.

Unfortunately, traditional rehab isn’t much help.

Studies show that most stroke patients complete an average of 30-40 repetitions per session.

We will explain why this is a huge problem next.

2 Most Important Ingredients for a Fast Recovery

There are two ingredients that every stroke rehab regimen should revolve around: neuroplasticity and repetitive practice.

Neuroplasticity is the mechanism that your brain uses to rewire and heal itself. When there is damage to the brain after stroke, your brain is capable of rewiring itself and healing from that damage.

The best way to engage neuroplasticity is through repetitive practice. Each time you repeat something, you start to rewire your brain. The more you repeat, the stronger those new connections become.


Therefore, any stroke rehab regimen that revolves around achieving a high number of repetition will help speed your recovery along.

As you can see, traditional rehab fails to do this because 30-something reps isn’t very much.

Which begs the question, how many reps should you aim for?

MusicGlove Motivates You to Complete 762 Repetitions (Minimum) in Just 30 Minutes

MusicGlove is our hand therapy device that we designed to help motivate you to complete the high number of repetition necessary for recovery.

When you play MusicGlove on the ‘Easy’ setting for 30 minutes, you can complete 762 repetitions of therapeutic hand movements.

That’s 23x the typical amount of repetition, which means neuroplasticity is being activated to the max and you see the fastest results possible.

Still not impressed? Well, 762 reps is just the starting point.

When MusicGlove is played on the ‘Hard’ setting, you can complete up to 1,300 repetitions in just 30 minutes!

That’s 40x more repetition! Which is like fitting 40 therapy sessions into one.

Since more reps = more success, MusicGlove is a clear choice for improving hand movement faster and getting more bang for your buck (since you’re not paying for those tedious rehab sessions anymore).

MusicGlove Improves Hand Function in 6 Hours – Backed by Hard Science

Now that you know the theory behind why MusicGlove is effective, let’s dig into the hard science.

When MusicGlove was tested in our clinical trial, it was proven to improve hand function in 2 weeks.

During the clinical trial, patients used MusicGlove for 3 hours a week (so 30 minutes a day while taking 1 day off for rest).

After these 6 hours of MusicGlove practice, patients saw significant improvement in their hand function. They improved their ability to:

  • Type on the computer and double-click a mouse
  • Wash dishes and use the restroom independently
  • Fasten a bra and tie shoe laces

Patients improved their ability to do all of those things after using MusicGlove for just 6 hours total.

Using MusicGlove for just 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks is a very realistic goal, especially since it’s a fun musical game that you can immerse yourself in.

If you want to try MusicGlove, we have you covered.

You’re Covered, and We’re Transparent

Our blog is a space for us to talk about things that we believe will benefit your recovery from stroke.

MusicGlove is our product that we are promoting. It helps us pay the bills (this blog is free for you but not for us). But we aren’t just promoting it for our own sake (gross).

We truly believe that MusicGlove can help people like you regain independence after stroke.

If you can make the commitment to using MusicGlove for 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks straight (while taking a day for rest), then consider giving it a try.

We removed all the risk by covering you with a 30-day return policy (with free shipping both ways) in case you decide that it’s not right for you.

And, on the other hand, if you decide that it’s exactly what you need, then you’re still covered by our 1-year warranty on all parts.

We hope you give it a try, and that you now understand exactly what it takes to speed up your recovery from stroke.

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