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Join the Most Active Online Stroke Support Group on Facebook!

the best online stroke support group ever, seriously

Joining a stroke support group can help you stay connected to others that can relate to the complex road to recovery.

A support group can help curb post-stroke depression and provide useful insight into the recovery tips that others have learned.

To find a great support group, you might not have to look any further than your computer.

An online stroke support group started by Flint Rehab has gained over 10,000 members, and it’s one of the most active online support groups.

Every day, new posts are made from other stroke survivors regarding their struggles, milestones, questions, and tips, and we’d love for you to join!

To join this online stroke support group, click here to join on Facebook. Just click the “join group” button at the top, as shown below:

It will ask you a few questions after you request to join — please be sure to answer them! This is how we filter out spam.

Feel Connected Through an Online Stroke Support Group

Here are some example posts that you’ll see once you’re accepted into the group:

example snippet of a comment in the online stroke support group
post from an online stroke support group
positive story from stroke support groups online

During stroke recovery, support is everything — especially if you can get support from others who are in the same situation as you.

Face-to-face support groups exist but they are scarce. The chances of finding one in your area might be low, but luckily Facebook has made it easy to stay connected.

Our online stroke support group is a great place to vent, feel heard, and ask for advice. While your therapist is still the best person to ask for medical advice, this group knows all the best tips and tricks for stroke recovery.

Join Us on Our Mission

Facebook groups are free! Once you request to join our private stroke support group, our admins will approve you based on your answers to the questions. (We’re really just making sure that you’re a real human being!)

We do our best to approve your request as soon as we can. It may take a day or two, but once you’re in, you’ll get the warm welcome you deserve. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Click here to join the online stroke support group on Facebook.

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You’re Really on a Roll! See how Jerry is regaining movement with FitMi home therapy

My husband is getting better and better!

“My name is Monica Davis but the person who is using the FitMi is my husband, Jerry. I first came across FitMi on Facebook. I pondered it for nearly a year. In that time, he had PT, OT and Speech therapy, as well as vision therapy.

I got a little more serious about ordering the FitMi when that all ended 7 months after his stroke. I wish I hadn’t waited to order it. He enjoys it and it is quite a workout!

He loves it when he levels up and gets WOO HOOs! It is a wonderful product! His stroke has affected his left side. Quick medical attention, therapy and FitMi have helped him tremendously!”

Monica & Jerry’s FitMi review

What are these “WOO HOOs” about?

FitMi is like your own personal therapist encouraging you to accomplish the high repetition of exercise needed to improve.

When you beat your high score or unlock a new exercise, FitMi provides a little “woo hoo!” as auditory feedback. It’s oddly satisfying and helps motivate you to keep up the great work.

In Jerry’s photo below, you can see him with the FitMi pucks below his feet for one of the leg exercises:

FitMi is beloved by survivors and used in America’s top rehab clinics

Many therapists recommend using FitMi at home between outpatient therapy visits and they are amazed by how much faster patients improve when using it.

It’s no surprise why over 14,000 OTs voted for FitMi as “Best of Show” at the annual AOTA conference; and why the #1 rehabilitation hospital in America, Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, uses FitMi with their patients.

This award-winning home therapy device is the perfect way to continue recovery from home. Read more stories and reviews by clicking the button below: