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19 Helpful Gifts for Stroke Patients that Improve Recovery

son giving his father great gifts for stroke patients

Below you’ll find the best gifts for stroke patients as of 2020. Whether you’re shopping for someone’s birthday or getting a (really) early start on Christmas shopping, these stroke recovery gifts are guaranteed to please.

We’ll start with small gifts that show appreciation without breaking the bank. Then we’ll round up the best premium stroke recovery gadgets that every stroke patient would love to receive.

Small Gift Ideas for Stroke Patients

Here are some small and simple gift ideas for someone who has had a stroke:

1. Essential Oils

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Statistically, 1 in 3 stroke patients struggle with depression, and jasmine essential oil may provide some relief. This is a simple and easy gift for stroke patients this holiday season. If they don’t already have an essential oil diffuser, that could make a great accompanying gift, too!

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2. Healing & Happiness After Stroke

best book to gift to a stroke patient with depression

Of all the stroke recovery books available, Healing & Happiness After Stroke focuses on positive psychology the most. If your loved one struggles with depression or anxiety, this book can make a great stocking stuffer.

Look inside Healing & Happiness After Stroke on Amazon »

3. Book Holders

wooden book holders gift idea

Image from KnockOnWoodUA from Etsy

Speaking of books, if your loved one struggles with impaired hand function after stroke, they may appreciate some wooden book holders.

See wooden book holders on Etsy »

4. Magnesium Oil

woman holding amber bottle of magnesium oil gift for stroke patients

Magnesium oil can be used for self-massage, which improves blood circulation and helps prevent post-stroke complications like contractures. It’s superior to other massage oils because many people are deficient in magnesium, and magnesium plays a role in neuromuscular function.

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5. Stroke Recovery Vitamins

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Is your loved one getting all their essential nutrients, like omega 3’s and vitamin B12, for a healthy recovery? If not, try giving them recovery-boosting vitamins. Check with their doctor before gifting vitamins this holiday season as it may interfere with medication.

Learn more about stroke recovery vitamins »

6. Pill Box Organizer

pill box organizer gift for stroke survivors

Image from AUVON from

Speaking of medication, where are they going to put all of these new pills? A pill box organizer can make a great gift for stroke patients, particularly if they take pills at certain times in the day. It’s a particularly great gift for someone that struggles with memory after stroke, since the pill box shows when they’ve taken something or not.

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Premium Gifts for Stroke Patients that Boost Recovery

Stroke recovery can be extremely expensive for patients during rehabilitation. Help your loved one by giving them a gift they normally wouldn’t splurge on themselves.

Here are some of the best premium gifts for stroke patients:

7. Percussion Massage Device

Image from

Percussion massage devices are trending right now, and there might be a place for them in stroke recovery. Check with your loved one’s therapist to see if a percussion massage device, like the Hypervolt, can help their recovery. We have heard through word-of-mouth that it helps some stroke patients immensely.

See the Hypervolt from Hyperice »

8. FitMi Home Therapy

FitMi high tech exercise system

FitMi home therapy, from Flint Rehab, is a device specifically designed to help stroke patients improve mobility at home. Because the device encourages high repetition of therapeutic exercises, it helps the brain rewire itself faster than traditional therapy. As a result, patients see fast improvements. The reviews speak for themselves.

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9. Tremor-Cancelling Utensils

Image from

If your loved one struggles with tremors after stroke, consider giving them the gift of steady mealtimes. Liftware makes tremor-cancelling utensils that help cancel-out shaking hands, so that stroke patients can eat without spilling. (It’s actually intended for Parkinson’s, but works just as well for stroke patients!)

Shop Liftware »

10. MusicGlove Hand Therapy

MusicGlove demonstration on computer

Hand movement is often the slowest function to return after stroke, which can be frustrating. Fortunately, there’s a music-based hand exercise device called MusicGlove from Flint Rehab that’s clinically proven to create results within 2 weeks. It can make a fun and useful gift this holiday season.

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Bonus: Download our free stroke recovery tips ebook. (Link will open a pop-up that will not interrupt your reading.)

11. Electrical Stimulation Machine

electrical stimulation for gait training in stroke patients

When rehabilitation exercise is paired with electrical stimulation, studies have shown that stroke patients see better motor improvements than just exercise alone. If they already have a solid home exercise regimen, consider giving them the gift of electrical stimulation to take their recovery the extra mile.

Learn more about electrical stimulation »

12. Acupuncture Gift Card

Acupuncture may help with stroke recovery, but everyone responds differently. As a result, stroke patients won’t know if acupuncture helps until they try it.

Unfortunately, with the high cost of stroke recovery, many stroke patients can’t afford extraneous therapies like acupuncture. By giving your loved one a gift card to an acupuncture clinic, you can take the risk out of trying this new therapy.

Try using Yelp to find a well-reviewed acupuncturist near you.

Assistive Gifts for Stroke Patients (Help with Activities of Daily Living)

Want to explore more useful things for stroke patients? These therapy-based gift ideas for stroke survivors will help improve their recovery.

13. Leg Lifter

Image from Duro-Med on

If your loved one uses a wheelchair or struggles with severe leg weakness, a leg lifter can help with transferring.

See leg lifters on Amazon »

14. Shoe Horn & Remover

Image from Vive on

Similarly, a shoe horn can help your loved one put on their shoes with greater ease. Don’t underestimate large impact that time-saving tools like this can have. A shoe horn makes a great inexpensive gift for stroke survivors.

15. Adaptive Cutting Boards

useful things for stroke patients

Image from

Using two hands can be a slow and frustrating process in the kitchen after stroke. These assistive cutting boards make it easy to cool with one hand, saving your loved one lots of time and grief. Yanko Design makes these nifty assistive cutting boards.

Shop adaptive kitchen equipment from Yanko »

16. MiGo Activity Tracker

gift ideas for someone who has had a stroke

Regular activity trackers like FitBit miss the small movements made by stroke survivors, and MiGo fixes that. It’s sensitive enough to track even small movement, because every movement deserves celebraing during stroke recovery!

Shop MiGo »

17. Speech Therapy Subscription

Does your loved one struggle with talking after stroke? What about memory? There’s an app for that! The CT Speech & Cognitive Therapy App contains exercises that help improve speech and cognitive fitness after stroke.

See CT App subscription options »

18. Stronger After Stroke

books for stroke patients

Image from Peter G Levine on

This stroke recovery book, written by Peter Levine, is one of the most robust, comprehensive books on stroke recovery. It’s very dense and technical, but that’s the point. It’s the ultimate guide to recovering from stroke.

See Stronger After Stroke on Amazon »

19. FlintFit Stroke Recovery Exercise DVDs

useful gifts for stroke patients

The FlintFit DVDs contain physical therapy exercises guided by licensed physical and occupational therapists. It’s an inexpensive alternative to high-tech exercise equipment.

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Consider Personality When Shopping

Consider your loved one’s personality when you decide on a gift.

For example, are they hard-working but struggling with depression? Get them something uplifting like Healing & Happiness After Stroke.

Do they struggle with staying motivated to exercise? Get them something motivating and proven to work, like FitMi.

No matter what you choose, these gifts for stroke patients will show that you put extra thought into their recovery.

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See how Susan is recovering from post-stroke paralysis

“I had a stroke five years ago causing paralysis on my left side which remains today.

I recently began using FitMi.

At first it was difficult for me to be successful with a few of the exercises but the more I use it, the better my scores become.

I have recently had some movement in my left arm that I did not have before.

I don’t know if I can directly relate this to the use of the FitMi but I am not having occupational therapy so I conclude that it must be benefiting me.

The therapy modality motivates me to use it daily and challenges me to compete against my earlier scores.

I heartily recommend it!-Susan, stroke survivor

FitMi is our best-selling home therapy tool because it helps patients of all ability levels.

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