11 Best Stroke Rehab Products for Patients

11 Best Stroke Rehab Products for Patients

This is our list of the best home exercise equipment for stroke patients.

If you’re trying to improve movement while rehabbing from home, these stroke rehab products are for you.

Before we dig in, let’s discuss why we consider these tools some of the best.

What Makes a Stroke Rehab Product the Best?

The following tools are some of the best because they are one of two things:

  1. they’re affordable or
  2. they motivate a high number of repetition.

Repetition is extremely important for fast results during rehabilitation because it helps activate neuroplasticity, which is the mechanism that your brain uses to rewire itself.

The more your brain rewires itself, the more muscle control you will develop. Activating neuroplasticity is how you will see long-term results that stick.

High repetition with good form should always be your focus, and the following rehab tools can help.

We’ve arranged the list by body part, starting with legs.

Best Leg Exercise Equipment for Stroke Recovery

1. Exercise Peddlers

Leg bikes are a great option for some bilateral training and strengthening. Be careful though because the cheaper bikes are often more difficult to pedal.

There are some in the $10-20 price range, but you’ll get what you pay for. Other high-end cycles might be worth the splurge.

2. Ankle Weights

To improve strength in your affected leg, you can purchase some ankle weights to provide added resistance.

Best Core Exercise Equipment for Stroke Recovery

1. Balance Boards

Balance boards are excellent for training the legs and core to improve full-body coordination. They essentially act like tops that you stand on.

Be sure to use unstable equipment like this in the presence of a caregiver! It can be very easy to fall off a balance board. Never use them alone!

2. Stability Balls

Of course, classic stability balls are an excellent way to exercise your core during stroke recovery. (You can also try these core exercises for stroke patients.)

Best Arm Exercise Equipment for Stroke Recovery

1. Arm Peddlers

Pro tip: You can use the leg bike featured above to exercise your arms by simply placing it on the table instead of the floor!

This helps you exercise two muscle groups for the price of one!

2. Arm Skates

If you have restricted range of motion in your affected arm, then an arm skate can help introduce more movement into your arm.

Arm skates are designed more for flexibility training than strength training.

3. Dumbbells and Wrist Weights

To increase strength in your affected arm, dumbbells and wrist weights are excellent, simple options.

Best Hand & Fine Motor Exercise Equipment for Stroke Recovery

1. MusicGlove

MusicGlove is our very own hand exercising device that motivates you to complete a high number of reps while you play a musical game.

The device helps improve hand function within as little as 2 weeks!

And it’s probably the most fun you’ll ever have while rehabbing.

2. Therapy Putty

Therapy putty is another popular hand therapy tool that can help improve fine motor coordination.

You’ll experience the most improvement when you intentionally perform therapy putty exercises with the tool; but simply squishing the putty with your affected hand can help improve range of motion.

Best Full-Body Exercise Equipment for Stroke Recovery

Full-body rehabilitation equipment can be very useful for simplifying your regimen.

FitMi Home Therapy

Our watch patients using FitMi and learn more about the device here.