How to Choose the Best Stroke Rehab Products

How to Choose the Best Stroke Rehab Products

Shopping for stroke rehab products can be tough.

How do you know what works? And how do you know what will work for you?

To help you find the right stroke rehab products for you, we’ve created a list of the 5 things we think the best stroke rehab products must have.

It’s best if you can find something with all 5 because that’s how you’ll see the fastest results.

Let’s dig in.

1. The best stroke rehab products are all about neuroplasticity!

The most important question to ask when looking for stroke rehab products is: Does it help activate neuroplasticity?

Because neuroplasticity is how you get results during stroke recovery. Without it, nothing works.

Neuroplasticity is the mechanism that your brain uses to rewire itself. When the brain sustains injury after stroke, neuroplasticity allows your brain to rewire the healthy parts to pick up the slack from the damage.

The purpose of rehabilitation is to activate neuroplasticity and heal the brain. The more your brain heals, the more your movement will improve.

neuroplasticity after stroke

Movement starts in the brain, not the body.

For example, in order to move your leg, your brain must send a signal to your leg muscles first. If stroke impaired your leg movement, the problem isn’t in your legs. Rather, the problem is in your brain’s ability to move your legs.

By activating neuroplasticity, you can rewire the part of your brain that controls leg movement, which will improve your ability to move your legs.

So, how can you activate neuroplasticity?

2. Your stroke rehab product MUST motivate high repetition.

Neuroplasticity is activated by repetition.

Each time you do something, specific neurons fire in the brain. The more these neurons fire together, the stronger their connections become.

Neurons that fire together wire together.

The best way to improve movement is to perform a high number of repetitions of exercises.

For example, the more you practice moving your leg, the stronger the connections in your brain become. And the stronger those connections become, the better you get at controlling your leg.

So whatever stroke rehab product you choose, make sure that it motivates you to complete a high number of repetition.

During conventional therapy, you complete around 30-40 reps per session. So anything over that number is solid.

Repetition is where the majority of your results will come from.

3. You get the best results when rehab products are used consistently.

High repetition is arguably the most important ingredient in your stroke rehabilitation regimen. However, repetition won’t do you any good unless you’re consistent with your regimen.

You need to reinforce the new connections in your brain consistently otherwise they will begin to weaken and fade.

Being consistent allows you to ‘lock in’ your progress and keep the new connections in your brain going strong.

So whatever stroke rehab product you choose, make sure that it’s something you can see yourself using consistently.

Without consistency, it’s a waste of time, money, and energy.

4. Choose stroke rehab products that get you moving.

As long as your stroke rehab product gets you moving, then it’s a great option to consider.

Because as long as you get moving and try to get a high number of reps in, you’ll be healing your brain and improving.

There are some sophisticated gadgets out there that can help you get you moving, and there are also very simple tools that do the job too.

As long as it motivates you to move, it will be effective – which brings us to our next point:

5. Find something that’s motivating and fun to use.

It’s important to find a stroke rehab tool that you find fun and motivating to use.

Because rehab involves a lot of work. And when rehab feels like work, we start to procrastinate and put it off.

Procrastination leads to poor results. And when you start to get inconsistent with your regimen, you aren’t reinforcing the new connections in your brain, which means that all your hard work will start to fade.

If you have high discipline and don’t need any help sticking with a simple tool, that’s great. But if you’re like most people, you need a little help getting motivated to do your daily therapy.

Get Faster Results with the Right Stroke Rehab Tools

If you can find stroke rehab tools that combine all 5 of these ingredients, then you’ll see the fastest results.

We designed our rehab tools with these elements in mind, which is why some of our customers see movement improvement in as little as 3 days! (Seriously, you can read their reviews here.)

Our products work fast because they motivate a lot of repetition (12x more than traditional therapy), which helps activate neuroplasticity to the max.

Our FitMi full-body therapy helps you get 400+ repetitions in just half an hour, and MusicGlove hand therapy helps you get 750+ repetitions in half an hour. Compared to the industry standard of 30-40 reps, it’s obvious why our rehab products get you faster results.

Plus, our devices are fun to use! So you stay accountable and consistent with your regimen.