10 Best Pieces of Stroke Treatment Equipment

10 Best Pieces of Stroke Treatment Equipment

We’re starting off the New Year with a fresh roundup of recommended stroke treatment equipment products.

In this list, you’ll find various tools that can help you on the road to recovery.

We’ll talk about aphasia treatment first, then move onto mobility tools after.

Before we dive in, we need to give you a little background on what makes these products the best.

The Best Treatment for Stroke

All of these stroke treatment products are the best because they encourage high repetition.

Repetition is the best treatment for stroke because it activates neuroplasticity and helps rewire your brain.

If you want a full recovery, then repetition is your best friend.

By rewiring your brain through repetitive practice, you can wean yourself off compensation techniques and get back to life as usual.

Now that you understand the importance of repetition, let’s dive into the best stroke treatment products.

Stroke Treatment Equipment for Aphasia

Aphasia is a condition that affects speech after stroke.

Sometimes it affects your ability to speak, other times it also impairs your ability to swallow.

While it’s best to work alongside a Speech Language Pathologist for rehabilitation, it can get expensive, especially if your insurance cuts you off.

To continue your recovery at home, you can use apps for your iPad or computer!

Here are some tools that can help with aphasia:

1. Constant Therapy

Constant Therapy is an application for Apple and Android devices that contains different games designed to improve aphasia. Some exercises will ask you to identify pictures or make sounds, for example.

The app will pick exercises for you based on the stroke side effects that you’re trying to improve, like memory or talking.

We like this app because it encourages lots of repetition, and you can do your therapy anywhere since it’s available on your phone or tablet.

2. Lingraphica

Lingraphica is another app for aphasia that’s backed by research – but this one is reimbursable through Medicare.

Stroke Treatment Equipment for Paralysis or Weakness

Muscle paralysis or weakness after stroke is not really caused by your muscles. It’s caused by miscommunication between your mind and your muscles.

When stroke damages part of the brain that controls movement, your muscles no longer receive commands to move.

So, although you’re trying to move your paralyzed arm, for example, your arm isn’t getting any signals to move, so it won’t budge.

The long-term solution for restoring movement in the body is to restore your mind/muscle communication through repetitive exercise.

This helps rewire the brain and get you moving fluidly.

the best treatment for stroke is actually repetition

Here are some tools that can help with movement:

Simple Equipment for Movement Improvement

If your budget is limited, simple equipment can take your recover far – as long as you focus on repetition and consistency.

3. Balance Balls (Core)

Balance balls are good for exactly what their name implies: improving balance! They’re great for performing core exercises.

A strong core is essential for good balance, so investing in this simple tool can go a long way.

4. Dumbbells (Arms)

Stroke rehabilitation is all about retraining the brain, so why bother with strength training?

Well, if you aren’t using your affected muscles as much as before, then your muscles might start to atrophy (waste away).

To rebuild your muscles and retrain your brain at the same time, add some weights to your arm exercise regimen.

Just don’t end up like this guy…

5. Resistance Bands (Full-Body)

Resistance bands are great because you can use them to work out your legs, core, arm, and shoulders.

6. Therapy Putty (Hands)

Therapy putty is a fan favorite because it’s cheap and fun to use. Use the putty to complete your preferred therapy putty exercises.

You can also use it to keep your affected hand moving by manipulating the putty (in no particular way) whenever you’re doing something idle like watching television.

Premium Equipment for Movement Improvement

When it comes to stroke rehabilitation equipment, you often get what you pay for.

If you have the budget, it’s great to invest in high-tech devices that can help speed your recovery along.

Here are our top picks:

7. Electrical Stimulation Machine (Full Body)

You can find them on Amazon.

If you have severe muscle weakness or paralysis, then electrical stimulation can help introduce movement into your body.

It works by attaching electrodes to your skin, and then the machine provides electrical stimulation that makes your muscles contract.

Electrical stimulation can be very effective, especially when you combine it with rehab exercise.

8. Healsmile Electric Hot Compress (Hand Paralysis)

We found this weird little gadget on Amazon.

We love it because it provides heat and vibration for your hand, two powerful sources of stimulation that can help ‘awaken’ a paralyzed hand – supposedly!

There is no research backing up this claim and the reviews are mixed. But if you’ve tried other methods to fix a paralyzed hand to no avail, it’s worth a shot!

This passive device doesn’t require you to move your hand, so it won’t help you regain movement. But it can potentially help open a clenched hand so that you can begin exercising.

9. MusicGlove Hand Therapy (Hand Weakness)

If you’re ready for rehab to actually be entertaining, then you’ll enjoy our MusicGlove!

MusicGlove is a music- and gaming-based hand therapy device that helps you accomplish 750+ reps in just 30 minutes!

It’s pretty difficult to accomplish that much repetition with therapy putty (without crying from boredom), which is why our customers see results fast.

In fact, MusicGlove is clinically proven to improve hand function in 2 weeks, so if you want fast results, it could be a great investment.

10. FitMi Interactive Therapy (Full Body)

And then there’s FitMi: the king of rehab exercise. The device helps motivate you to accomplish high repetition of various full-body exercises.

It’s fun to use, which helps you stick with your regimen and see results quickly. In fact, one of our customers was able to move his arm for the first time ever after just 3 weeks of using the device!

Stories like those are the reason why premium therapy equipment can really pay off.

Wrap Up

And there you have it! That concludes our list of the best stroke treatment equipment of 2018.

Whether you decide to keep it simple or invest in premium tools, we hope these help you on the road to recovery.