7 Must-Read Stroke Books to Empower Your Recovery

7 Must-Read Stroke Books to Empower Your Recovery

These stroke recovery books can help you take charge of your health.

They make great holiday gifts for stroke patients, but they’re still useful any time of year.

The Best Stroke Recovery Books

By understanding the complexities of the brain and stroke recovery, you’ll be well equipped on your road to recovery.

Here are our top 7 recommended stroke books:

1. My Stroke of Insight

By Jill Bolte Taylor

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Still a bestseller on Amazon 10 years later!

Brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor narrates her personal journey after suffering a massive stroke in the left side of her brain.

Interestingly, the stroke allowed her to experience the ‘peace and well-being’ that the right side of the brain can bring.

In her book, Jill narrates her recovery from stroke with a genuine sense of wonder that leaves the reader awe-struck and inspired.

2. Stronger After Stroke – 3rd Edition

By Peter Levine

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This book is the one-stop-shop for everything stroke-related. It’s a very dense, technical read. However, if you read it cover to cover, you’ll be a stroke recovery expert by the end.

Highly recommended for both survivors and caregivers. For 2019, the be sure to get the third edition!

3. Healing & Happiness After Stroke

By Kari Dahlgren

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If you or a loved one are struggling with despair or hopelessness, then Healing & Happiness After Stroke is a must-read.

Unlike other stroke books, this one covers the emotional side of recovery, like how to overcome post-stroke depression, low self-esteem, and lack of motivation.

4. To Roots & To Rise

By Carole J. Starr

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Part book and part workbook, To Roots & To Rise was written by a brain injury survivor.

According to the reviews on Amazon, not only will it inspire you to reinvent yourself during recovery, but you will also “acquire a wise, experienced, and dependable lifetime friend” in the author. 🙂

5. The Brain that Changes Itself

By Norman Doidge

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Imagine this: A woman was born with half a brain, and her brain rewired itself to work as a whole!

It’s a true story, and it’s made possible by the phenomenon of neuroplasticity, which we consider the #1 concept for stroke recovery.

This book will show you what your brain is capable of and inspire you to tap into your potential.

6. Living with Stroke

by Richard C. Senelick MD

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Written by a medical professional, this book is a great starter’s guide for all stroke patients and caregivers.

Learn how the stroke recovery process works and round out your understanding of the medical-side of recovery.

7. Brain Maker

By David Perlmutter

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Curious to see how your gut health influences your brain health? Read this book!

Although it isn’t specific to stroke, it contains valuable advice for a healing brain.

And there you have it! Those are our favorite books for stroke recovery.