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Best Stroke Rehab Equipment for Safely Recovering at Home

Patients that buy and use stroke rehab equipment at home recover more movement than sedentary patients.

If stroke patients exercise daily, especially, then it will provide the brain with the stimulation necessary for recovery.

Written exercises alone can help, but adding useful stroke rehab equipment expands the type of exercises you can do.

Here’s a roundup of the best stroke rehab equipment available for patients at home.

Premium Stroke Rehab Equipment

1. Electrical Stimulation Machine

electrical stimulation most popular stroke rehab equipment

If you have paralysis after stroke or severe muscle weakness, then electrical stimulation can help introduce movement into your body. Electrical stimulation can be very effective for regaining movement after stroke, especially when you combine it with rehab exercise.

2. MusicGlove Hand Therapy

hand therapy rehab equipment for stroke patients

This stroke rehab device from Flint Rehab is clinically proven to improve hand function in just 2 weeks. It combines therapeutic hand exercises with a music-based game that will make you forget you’re doing therapy in the first place.

3. FitMi Interactive Therapy

full body exercise equipment for stroke patients

Flint Rehab’s most popular recovery tool, FitMi home therapy, can help motivate you to accomplish the high repetition of exercise necessary to see massive results. It’s good for improving leg, arm, and hand mobility.

Leg and Core Stroke Rehab Equipment

4. Stationary Exercise Bikes

cycle for leg exercise equipment for stroke patients at home

Stationary bikes make excellent stroke rehab equipment because it’s bilateral exercise. This allows your non-affected side to help the affected side move. Bilateral training like this is therapeutic for recovering stroke survivors.

5. Balance Boards

useful stroke rehabilitation equipment

Patients with moderate- to low-level impairments can benefit from using balance boards to train their legs and core. If you have severe impairments, it could be dangerous, so be careful! Always use balance boards in the presence of a caregiver and hold onto a table or ledge for support if needed.

6. Stability Balls

Classic stability balls make great, affordable stroke exercise equipment for focusing on your core. A strong core is essential for improving balance after stroke, so you can use this ball to practice various core exercises for stroke patients.

Arm and Hand Stroke Rehab Equipment

7. Mirror Box

 man improving hand function with mirror box equipment for stroke patients

Mirror therapy is particularly useful for stroke patients struggling with hand paralysis or clenched hands after stroke. It works by placing a mirror over the affected hand and using the reflection to “trick” the brain. Even though you logically know better, it helps retrain your brain to move your affected hand.

Learn more about mirror therapy for hand recovery »

8. Arm Peddlers

You can use the leg bike featured above to exercise your arms by simply placing it on the table instead of the floor!

9. Arm Skates

classic stroke rehab equipment

If you have restricted range of motion in your affected arm, then an arm skate can help introduce more movement into your arm. Arm skates are designed more for flexibility training than strength training.

10. Dumbbells and Wrist Weights

occupational therapy stroke rehab equipment for home use

To increase strength in your affected arm, dumbbells and wrist weights are an affordable, simple option. Use them to complete upper extremity stroke exercises to improve mobility in your arms.

11. Therapy Putty

man using therapy putty for stroke rehab at home

Therapy putty is another popular hand therapy tool that can help improve fine motor coordination. Use it to practice therapy putty exercises to help improve your hand strength and range of motion.

12. Hand Exercise Balls

hand therapy gadgets for stroke victims

Hand exercise balls are an inexpensive and popular form of hand therapy after stroke. You can use them to follow along to therapeutic hand therapy ball exercises.

Stroke Rehabilitation Equipment for Aphasia

13. CT Speech and Cognitive Therapy App

portable app equipment for stroke recovery

Aphasia is a condition that affects speech after stroke. To improve your language skills, you need to practice speech therapy exercises. A great way to motivate yourself to do this is by using the CT App with over 100,000+ speech and cognitive exercises to improve speech, memory, etc.

How to Choose the Right Equipment for You

The best stroke rehab equipment will help motivate you to accomplish high repetition of rehab exercises.

Repetition helps activate neuroplasticity, which is the mechanism that your brain uses to rewire itself.

The more your brain rewires itself, the more muscle control you will develop. Activating neuroplasticity is how you will see long-term results that stick.

If you aren’t motivated to exercise, then you won’t see results. So be sure to choose stroke equipment that you find meaningful and motivating!

Best of luck on the road to recovery.

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See how Steve is recovering from post-stroke paralysis

“My husband had a massive stroke in Feb 2018. He was released from the hospital in April 2018, however after he left the hospital he was unable to get therapy for over a year.

In August 2019 we purchased the FitMi, because his right side is paralyzed quite often he must use both hands and feet to do the suggested exercises… and the most amazing thing is… He IS making progress.

The doctors are astonished because he is now able to move his his right leg, foot and toes. As well as his arm and wrist. His wrist had spasticity. Very bad but the program is truly helpful.

I am so happy with this purchase. It’s working! Still a long way to go but Steve is making improvements!”

FitMi is our best-selling home therapy tool because it helps patients see REAL results, just like Steve.

To see how FitMi works, click here »

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