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Best Apps for Stroke Patients to Get Convenient Therapy on the Go

list of best apps for stroke patients and caregivers

These apps for stroke patients conveniently provide access to therapy straight from your phone or tablet. While it’s always best to work directly with a therapist during stroke rehabilitation, it can be financially overwhelming to work with a therapist on a daily basis.

Daily therapy often provides the best results during stroke recovery, and that’s where apps can help. Between outpatient therapy sessions, you can use the following stroke recovery apps to get your daily dose of therapy.

Best Apps for Stroke Patients

Here are the best stroke recovery apps as of 2020. They help with a range of stroke side effects from balance to cognitive function.

ELEVATE Brain Training App

Helps with: memory and cognitive function

list of best apps for stroke patients

Elevate was designed to help you improve cognitive function through educational games. Elevate users reportedly improved 69% more than non-users across four key skills.

Furthermore, users that train 4 times per week improved 18% more than users who trained 2 times per week. This backs up the principle that repetition and consistency are key to recovery.

Price: free

Learn more about ELEVATE »

Clock Yourself

Helps with: coordination and balance

latest apps for stroke patients

Designed by an Australian physiotherapist, this app helps you “think faster on your feet.” The app introduces progressively complex activities to help you react more quickly with your body. This can be especially helpful for stroke patients that lack balance and coordination, and therefore are at a heightened risk of falling. The Clock Yourself app is considered pre-habilitation, but for stroke patients, it can make great re-habilitation.

Price: $1.99

Learn more about Clock Yourself »


Helps with: sleep, post-stroke depression, and anxiety

top rated apps for stroke patients

Calm is a meditation and sleep app that’s topping the charts as the #1 app in Health & Fitness, on the Apple Store. Meditation apps can help stroke patients that struggle with post-stroke depression, insomnia, or anxiety.

Price: free

Learn more about Calm »

Recognize by Neuro Orthopaedic Institute

Helps with: left/right discrimination, explicit motor imagery, mirror therapy

physical therapy apps for stroke patients

Some physical therapists recommend the Recognize app for stroke recovery. It tests your “Left/Right Discrimination” which can help stroke patients on a variety of levels.

Price: $9.99 per app (separate apps per muscle group)

Learn more about Recognize »


Helps with: cognitive function

apps for stroke patients and psychological wellness

Lumosity is a premium “brain training” app designed for adults of all ages. While it’s not intended for stroke recovery, many stroke patients find it helpful.

Price: $11.99/month

Learn more about Lumocity »

What’s the Saying?

Helps with: cognitive function, memory, and recall

Fun apps for stroke patients

Stroke patients that struggle with cognitive function can benefit from brain-stimulating word games like What’s the Saying?

The app takes you through various clever games that help stimulate your critical thinking skills. This one is only available through the Apple App Store.

Price: free

Learn more about What’s the Saying? »

What’s the Difference?

Helps with: cognitive function and critical thinking

free apps for stroke victims

This app can help stroke recovery by stimulating critical thinking. It challenges you to identify small differences between otherwise-identical pictures.

Price: free

Learn more about What’s the Difference? »

Best Apps for Speech Therapy After Stroke

If you struggle with speech, language, or cognitive function after stroke, these apps can help:

CT Speech and Cognitive Therapy App

best stroke speech therapy app

Designed by expert speech-language pathologists, this app can help you improve speech, language, and critical thinking skills. It contains over 100,000+ exercises to help retrain the brain.

Price: $25/month

Learn more about CT Speech Therapy App »


This app is great for patients that can’t talk after stroke. It works by providing the user with quick access to symbols for “core words.” 

Surprisingly, studies show that just 200-400 words make up 80% of what we say. Proloquo2go provides quick access to these core words, which provides a much-needed means of communication to stroke patients that can’t talk.

Price: $249

Learn more about Proloquo2Go »

Tactus Therapy

Tactus Therapy is also designed for stroke survivors with aphasia. It requires multiple apps if you have multiple areas you want to work on (whereas the CT App provides it all in one).

Price: $199 for the 6-app bundle

Learn more about Tactus Therapy »

Best iPad Games for Stroke Patients

Fun is a critical element if you want to stay engaged with your therapy.

Here are the best apps with games for stroke patients as of 2020:

Brain Out

#1 in word games

screenshot of fun ipad games for stroke patients

It’s an “addictive free tricky puzzle game” that will challenge your mind while providing some fun.

See Brain Out on the App Store »

Trivia Crack

#1 in trivia

screenshot of trivia ipad games for stroke patients

With over 20 game languages, Trivia Crack provides endless fun and challenge with a variety of trivia questions.

See Trivia Crack on the App Store »


#2 in word games

word games for stroke patients on ipad

Once everyone got sick of Words with Friends, they moved over to Wordscapes, which offers a variety of fun word games.

See Wordscapes on the App Store »

Sort It 3D

#1 in card games

fun app games for stroke patients

This app involves sorting colored balls in the tubes. Simple, yet addicting. It’s #1 for a reason.

See Sort It 3D in the App Store »

2048 Balls 3D

#1 in strategy

top rated gaming apps for stroke patients

Stroke patients can exercise their math skills with this addicting strategy game. Drop the balls and merge their numbers. See if you can get to 2048!

See 2048 Balls 3D on the App Store »

Which Stroke Recovery Apps Will You Choose?

After a stroke, daily therapy will help you see the best results possible. While some forms of therapy can be boring, you can help make it feel less like homework by adding some fun to the mix.

For a better experience than an app, you can try gamified rehab devices like Flint Rehab’s MusicGlove hand therapy and FitMi full body therapy. They add the element of gaming and fun to your rehab exercises.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best stroke recovery apps for 2020.

All images sourced from: Apple App Store

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See how Steve is recovering from post-stroke paralysis

“My husband had a massive stroke in Feb 2018. He was released from the hospital in April 2018, however after he left the hospital he was unable to get therapy for over a year.

In August 2019 we purchased the FitMi, because his right side is paralyzed quite often he must use both hands and feet to do the suggested exercises… and the most amazing thing is… He IS making progress.

The doctors are astonished because he is now able to move his his right leg, foot and toes. As well as his arm and wrist. His wrist had spasticity. Very bad but the program is truly helpful.

I am so happy with this purchase. It’s working! Still a long way to go but Steve is making improvements!”

FitMi is our best-selling home therapy tool because it helps patients see REAL results, just like Steve.

To see how FitMi works, click here »

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