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Senior man in TBI rehabilitation learning how to walk again

TBI Rehabilitation Guide: How to Promote a Successful Recovery

The TBI rehabilitation process helps activate the brain’s natural healing process so that you can recover as quickly as possible. Every brain injury is unique, …

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doctor showing tbi patient medications used for traumatic brain injury

What Medications Are Used to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury?

There are many medications that can be used to treat the effects of traumatic brain injury. While medications should never replace rehabilitative therapies, they can …

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understanding the cognitive effects of spinal cord injury

Cognitive Effects of Spinal Cord Injury: Can SCI Affect Your Thinking?

Can spinal cord injury affect cognitive functions? Cognition is a function of the brain, so it will not be directly affected by damage to the …

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how to manage cerebral palsy heart problems

Cerebral Palsy-Related Heart Problems: Can You Prevent Them?

Did you know that individuals with cerebral palsy are more likely to develop heart problems in adulthood than the general population? Although these two conditions …

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teenager sitting on couch bored and holding remote, struggling with lack of motivation after brain injury

Lack of Motivation After Brain Injury: Causes and Solutions for Adynamia

Lack of motivation after brain injury might seem like depression or laziness, but the problem often goes much deeper. It could be a condition called …

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effective exercises for adults with cerebral palsy

15 Effective Exercises for Adults with Cerebral Palsy

The most effective exercises for adults with cerebral palsy will help them become as functional as possible and prevent secondary complications from worsening. This article …

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angry man yelling at coworker because he struggles with aggressive behavior after brain injury

Aggressive Behavior After Brain Injury: Understanding the Causes and Solutions to Anger

Aggressive behavior after brain injury presents a unique challenge to recovery. It can be a major struggle for both TBI patients and their loved ones …

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how common is hip dislocation in cerebral palsy patients

Hip Dislocation in Cerebral Palsy Patients: Risks & Treatment

Do people with cerebral palsy have an increased risk of hip dislocation? Cerebral palsy is a motor disability that is primarily characterized by irregular muscle …

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understanding why people become self-centered after stroke

Understanding Why Loved Ones May Become Self-Centered After Stroke (It’s Not Personal)

If your loved one appears more self-centered after stroke, try not to take things personally. Usually, self-centered behavior has nothing to do with vanity or …

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list of best apps for stroke patients and caregivers

The Most Helpful Apps for Stroke Patients to Access Therapy from Anywhere

These apps for stroke patients conveniently provide access to therapy straight from your phone or tablet. While it’s always best to work directly with a …

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