Is Your Hand Therapy Missing These 3 Essential Elements?

Is Your Hand Therapy Missing These 3 Essential Elements?

A question we frequently hear is, “Why isn’t my hand therapy working?”

There are usually three reasons why fine motor skills fail to improve after stroke.

If you can get these three factors into place, then you’ll see results – guaranteed.

1. Plenty of repetition

Regaining movement after stroke is all about rewiring the brain through neuroplasticity, the mechanism that allows new parts of the brain to take over responsibilities from the damaged parts.

To make neuroplasticity work, you need repetition and consistency.

We’re talking hundreds or thousands of repetitions per session – ideally. (And that’s where MusicGlove comes in, but more on that later.)

You also need to do your rehab exercises consistently so that your brain has regular stimulation to trigger its recovery.

2. Fun-Factor

To stay motivated during rehab exercises, it helps having a little fun-factor.

Engaging with rehab through something that you enjoy lessens potential frustration and makes time pass faster. As you can imagine, this helps you keep at it for longer, resulting in more recovery.

There are many types of rehab that incorporate the fun-factor, like:

  • Music therapy
  • Video game therapy
  • Recreational therapy

These types of therapy are often the most effective because they engage you in meaningful ways.

3. Incremental Challenge

Rehab can be challenging – but that’s what makes it work.

Challenge is what stimulates your brain and triggers neuroplasticity. When challenge is lacking, the brain gets less stimulation and heals slower.

All rehab is good rehab, but adding necessary challenge can help you recover faster.

Getting Unstuck

If you’ve stalled in your hand therapy efforts, then MusicGlove can help as it’s clinically proven to improve hand function in 2 weeks.

Why is it so effective?

Because it incorporates all three essential elements by allowing you to:

  • Complete 1000+ repetitions in one 30 minute session
  • Increase the difficulty level as you get better
  • Engage your interest with a fun, musical game

In other words, it has the necessary repetition, challenge, and fun that successful hand therapy requires.

Are you ready to get your hand back?

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