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doctor in white lab coat talking over brain scans with two nurses to explain why every stroke is different

What It Means When They Say “Every Stroke Is Different”

Questions about recovery after stroke often elicit a common response from medical teams: “Every stroke is different, so every recovery will be different.” But what …

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jars of colorful chinese herbs for stroke recovery

Chinese Herbs for Stroke Recovery: Understanding How It Works

Chinese herbs are growing in popularity as a natural remedy for stroke recovery, but to what extent? There are studies that show Chinese herbs improving …

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plate half full of fruit on the right side to symbolize left neglect after stroke

Understanding Left Neglect After Stroke & How to Treat It

Left neglect after stroke is a peculiar disorder that can lead to strange behavior. For instance, patients with left neglect may only eat from the …

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Spinal cord injury in children is not common, but it does happen and can affect your child's development.

Spinal Cord Injury in Children: Side Effects and Recovery Outlook

Did you know that children with spinal cord injuries can recover easier and quicker than adults? Children’s bodies heal faster than adults because they’re still …

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doctor waiting outside hospital with aspirin for emergency stroke treatment

Aspirin for Emergency Stroke Treatment: Understanding the Risks & Timeline

The only person that should administer aspirin for emergency stroke treatment is a doctor that has performed a brain scan. If someone is showing signs …

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woman with spinal cord injury and low blood pressure getting treatment

Spinal Cord Injury and Low Blood Pressure: How to Deal with Dizziness

Wondering if there’s a link between spinal cord injury and low blood pressure? Orthostatic hypotension is a condition many people experience after spinal cord injury. …

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woman practicing physical therapy for paraplegia recovery

Physical Therapy for Paraplegia: Why It’s Necessary for SCI Recovery

Physical therapy for paraplegia is a major part of the spinal cord injury rehabilitation process. This article will explain the importance of physical therapy for …

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doctor showing patient info about apraxia after brain damage on her tablet

Apraxia After Brain Damage: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Apraxia is a side effect of brain damage that causes difficulty with coordinating muscle movements. Apraxia can manifest in a number of different ways, depending …

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parents looking up how to manage cerebral palsy in preemies

Cerebral Palsy in Preemies: Risks, Symptoms, and Management

Preemies account for anywhere between a third to half of all cerebral palsy diagnoses. Premature infants are born with underdeveloped brains, making them more vulnerable …

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Elderly woman smiling at camera doing exercises to help with TBI recovery

Understanding TBI in the Elderly: Risks, Prevention, and Recovery

TBI can be a devastating condition in elderly patients as older adults have a harder time recovering from brain injuries. Fortunately, with the right treatment …

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