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man sitting on couch rubbing head to help with his mild TBI recovery

Mild TBI Recovery: Understanding What “Mild” Means & How to Recover

Mild TBIs are more serious than many people realize. If the proper steps are not taken, patients can experience symptoms for months, sometimes years, after …

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smiling senior friends with arms around each other after exercising with massed practice

Massed Practice: Why High Repetition Is Excellent for Recovery

One the most important concept for recovering the side effects of a stroke is massed practice. Almost all rehabilitation methods revolve around it, because it’s …

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What Are the 10 Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery Stages?

Traumatic brain injury recovery can be a long and difficult process. To offer an idea of what this process might look like, this article will …

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10 Best Foods for Brain Injury Recovery (Based on Clinical Evidence)

A healthy diet after brain injury can help boost recovery. Therefore, it’s important to understand what the best foods for brain injury recovery are, so …

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young man that is paralyzed from waist down using a wheelchair

Is Recovery Possible When Paralyzed From the Waist Down?

When you’re paralyzed from the waist down after a spinal cord injury, everyday functions such as the ability to walk or use the bathroom can …

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Stroke patient with relaxed, open hands after treating clenched hands

How to Relax a Clenched Hand After Stroke Using Progressive Treatment

After a severe stroke, it’s common for the hand to clench into a fist, and the fingers to curl into themselves. This is a result …

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Doctor explaining types of traumatic brain injury to patient in hospital bed

What Are the 8 Main Types of Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injuries can vary greatly in their symptoms and severity. Some types only affect a specific area of the brain, while others can damage …

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Doctor standing at foot of hospital explaining brain injury recovery statistics to patient and his wife

Brain Injury Recovery Statistics: What Does the Data Say?

Predicting the outcome of traumatic brain injury recovery can be difficult. While statistics can help give an overall picture, they are not always indicative of …

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woman preparing for employment after spinal cord injury

How to Prepare for Employment After Spinal Cord Injury

Employment after spinal cord injury is a unique process for everyone. While some people may be able to return to their old jobs, others may …

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man in front of drawing representing left side brain injury

Left-Side Brain Injury: Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery

A left-side brain injury can lead to difficulties with language and reasoning skills, among other side effects. To help you better understand these types of …

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