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illustration of occipital lobe stroke in relation to the rest of the brain

Occipital Lobe Stroke: What It Affects & How to Recover

A stroke in the occipital lobe often results in vision problems since this area of the brain processes visual input from the eyes. Aside from …

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how to heal with yoga for spinal cord injury

The Healing Effects of Yoga for Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Is yoga for spinal cord injury patients safe? Is it even possible? This ancient practice has stood the test of time and been around for …

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Living with Someone With Brain Injury

Living with Someone with a Brain Injury: 7 Tips to Make the Transition Home Smooth

Brain injury doesn’t only affect the person with a TBI, it also impacts everyone around them. If your family member or loved has experienced a …

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simple sitting balance exercises or spinal cord injury patients

Effective Sitting Balance Exercises for Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Have you found it difficult to sit for extended periods of time since your spinal cord injury? Practicing sitting balance exercises for spinal cord injury …

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woman and mother going on a walk during life after stroke

Navigating Life After Stroke: Tips for Recovery

Life after stroke is full of new variables that require rigorous preparation in order to feel confident moving forward. To help you navigate the road …

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woman trying cognitive-behavioral therapy after traumatic brain injury

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy After Traumatic Brain Injury: How It Helps with Recovery

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) offers an effective way to help people cope with the emotional and psychological tolls of brain injury. There are several different CBT …

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games for kids with cerebral palsy to boost mobility

Fun Games for Kids with Cerebral Palsy That Can Improve Mobility

Looking for games for kids with cerebral palsy that can improve motor function? Although cerebral palsy cannot be cured, the brain can be trained to …

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managing sensory problems due to cerebral palsy

Understanding Sensory Problems Due to Cerebral Palsy

Is it possible to have sensory problems due to cerebral palsy? Although cerebral palsy is a motor disorder, it’s pretty common for children with CP …

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doctor showing brain scan of bilateral stroke

Bilateral Stroke: Understanding Stroke on Both Sides of the Brain

A bilateral stroke occurs when there’s a stroke on both sides of the brain. Unlike single strokes, the symptoms and side effects are more severe …

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illustration of how the brain heals itself after traumatic injury

How Does the Brain Repair Itself After a Traumatic Injury? (Hint: It Needs Your Help)

How does the brain repair itself after a traumatic injury? The brain possesses an extraordinary ability to adapt and heal itself after an injury. This …

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