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senior woman closing eyes and resting on couch because she suffers from both chronic fatigue syndrome and traumatic brain injury

What’s the Connection Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injury?

Chronic fatigue syndrome and traumatic brain injury often go hand-in-hand. But why is this, and are there any effective ways to treat chronic fatigue after …

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flatlay of healthy foods that help stroke recovery

9 Foods that Help Stroke Recovery (Backed by the Latest Science)

During stroke recovery, the foods you eat can have a great impact on your recovery – for better or for worse, depending on your choices. …

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cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis comparison

Comparing Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Sclerosis: Causes, Symptoms, and Management

Do you know what the differences between cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis are? Both conditions involve neurological damage but vary significantly in causes, progression, and …

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doctors discussing head injury classification

Head Injury Classification: What Do They Mean For Recovery?

Classifying the severity of a traumatic brain injury is an important part of assessment and overall treatment. This article will explain the different head injury …

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woman with wide open eyes standing in front of purple background, dealing with mood swings after brain injury

Mood Swings After Brain Injury: Causes, Signs, and Methods to Manage Emotions

Mood swings after brain injury can cause rapid, exaggerated changes in emotions. These emotional displays are often more extreme than what the person actually feels. …

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managing muscle spasms after spinal cord injury

Managing Muscle Spasms After Spinal Cord Injury to Improve Quality of Life

Did you know that up to 78% of people experience muscle spasms after spinal cord injury? If left unmanaged, muscle spasms can drastically affect your …

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woman motivated by inspiring stroke quotes

Motivational Quotes for Stroke Survivors: Get Inspired!

If you’re looking for stroke survivor quotes, you’ve come to the right place. After scouring Pinterest for the latest inspirational stroke quotes, we complied our …

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how to treat the effects of traumatic brain injury

17 Potential Physical & Cognitive Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury

The side effects of traumatic brain injury can can affect everything from your physical movement to your personality. Because every brain injury is unique, not …

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nurse signaling a time out break from aggressive behavior after stroke

Aggressive Behavior After Stroke: Understanding & Coping with Anger

Aggressive behavior after stroke is frequently observed in acute stroke patients. It could be a temporary phase or a sign of damage to certain areas …

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most common cerebral palsy developmental delays

Should You Be Worried About Cerebral Palsy Developmental Delays?

Cerebral palsy and developmental delays go hand-in-hand because CP can affect a child’s posture, movements, and balance. In this article, we’ll go over what kinds …

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