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woman overcoming psychological effects of spinal cord injury with support of daughter

Identifying the Psychological Effects of Spinal Cord Injury & How to Manage Them

While a spinal cord injury directly affects motor control and sensation, individuals may also experience secondary psychological effects. Psychological changes after spinal cord injury can …

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senior man doing cognitive rehabilitation exercises on tablet to improve memory after stroke

How to Improve Memory After Stroke with Cognitive Rehabilitation

Poor memory after stroke is a cognitive effect that many survivors struggle with. Fortunately, memory recovery is often possible by healing the brain through cognitive …

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nurse explains brain damage recovery chances to tbi patient

Brain Damage Recovery Chances: How to Maximize Recovery Outlook

Every brain injury is unique, which makes it challenging to predict one’s chances of recovery. Many factors are involved in determining one’s recovery outlook after …

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woman with cerebral palsy in the legs walking with crutches

Cerebral Palsy in the Legs: What to Expect & How to Improve Your Gait

Cerebral palsy can affect motor control anywhere in the body, including the legs. When cerebral palsy affects the lower extremities, it can cause motor impairments …

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how long does it take to walk again after spinal cord injury

How to Recover Walking After Spinal Cord Injury: Timeline and Treatments

Many factors play a role in regaining the ability to walk after a spinal cord injury. Fortunately, it is possible for many SCI survivors. There …

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effects of temporal lobe damage

Temporal Lobe Damage: Potential Effects and Treatment

When temporal lobe damage occurs, it can create unique secondary effects. The temporal lobe controls many functions including emotions, sensory processing, and memory. When the temporal …

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physical therapist showing stroke patient arm exercises to help regain movement

Regaining Arm Movement After Stroke: Effective Methods for Recovery

There are many effective methods for regaining arm movement after stroke. Which one will work best for you? The answer is that it depends. Regaining …

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how to identify the early signs of stroke

How to Recognize the Early Warning Signs of Stroke (and Save a Life!)

Can you identify the 8 early warning signs of stroke? Over 795,000 strokes occur in the US each year, so it’s crucial to know how to …

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young girl with dyskinetic cerebral palsy smiling

Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy: How It Affects the Body & Tips for Rehabilitation

About 15% of cerebral palsy cases result in dyskinetic CP, which is a motor disorder characterized by uncontrollable movements. As with all types of cerebral palsy, every person is affected …

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Therapist helping baby stroke survivor crawl on a balance beam

Navigating the Road to Recovery with Pediatric Stroke Survivors

Pediatric stroke is a rare condition that affects nearly one thousand children in the United States each year. Often, the road to recovery after a …

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