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learn about the best hemiplegia treatment available for stroke survivors

Why Exercise Is the Best Hemiplegia Treatment for Stroke Patients

The best hemiplegia treatment is exercise… But how can you exercise when you’re paralyzed on half of the body? Well, learning how to adapt stroke …

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9 Best Cognitive Exercises for Stroke Patients

These cognitive exercises for stroke patients can help improve memory and problem-solving skills. While extra emphasis is often placed on physical recovery after stroke, cognitive …

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headache and stroke

Headache and Stroke: How to Know When It’s a Medical Emergency

The relationship between headache and stroke can create anxiety for many people. Since a stroke is a ‘brain attack,’ many people wonder if a headache …

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mini stroke recovery

9 Things You Must Know About Mini Stroke Recovery

Mini stroke recovery should be taken seriously. Because it’s a major warning sign that a full-blown stroke is coming. Understanding Mini Stroke Recovery If you …

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In early management of severe traumatic brain injury, speech therapists play an important role

The Best Speech Therapy Exercises to Get Your Voice Back

Speech therapy exercises can help you improve your ability to communicate and produce language. You’re about to discover some great speech therapy exercises that you …

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how to improve movement after stroke the fastest way possible

Which Helps You Improve Movement After Stroke Faster: Repetition or Consistency?

Are you trying to improve movement after stroke? Want to see results as fast as possible? Here’s the formula: Repetition + Consistency = Recovery But which …

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How Long Will Mild Stroke Recovery Take?

Want to know how long mild stroke recovery might take? Then this article is for you! Although every stroke is different and every stroke recovery …

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managing behavior changes after stroke

How to Cope with 5 Puzzling Behavior Changes After Stroke

You’re about to learn the 5 most common behavior changes after stroke. If you’re a stroke survivor or caregiver, we hope it gives you the …

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how to prevent falling after stroke

9 Life-Saving Ways to Prevent Falling After Stroke

Taking precautions to prevent falling after stroke is very important. Falls can cause broken bones, increased disability, and even death. In fact, falling is the …

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Learn what to expect from stroke recovery after 5 years

What to Expect from Stroke Recovery After 5 Years

What should you expect from stroke recovery after 5 years? Today we’ll explore this frequently asked question. What to Expect 5 Years After Stroke It’s …

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