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The Best Hand Exercise Equipment for Stroke Patients

list of the best hand exercise equipment for stroke patients

Hand exercise equipment for stroke patients offers a better way to improve fine motor skills.

When choosing your rehab tools, it’s important to pick equipment that’s suitable for your ability level. Your physical and occupational therapists are great people to ask for recommendations.

Below, you will find some of the best hand exercise equipment that stroke patients can use at home.

Advice from a PT: How to Choose Hand Exercise Equipment for Stroke Patients

We talked to our favorite physical therapists about hand exercise equipment recommendations for stroke patients.

It seems that every physical therapist would ask you the same question before you invest in therapy equipment:

“Will you use it daily, and want to use it daily?”

This question is key because massed practice (i.e. consistent, repetitive practice) is the key to recovery after stroke.

High repetition helps initiate neuroplasticity and allows the brain to heal itself after stroke.

When choosing hand exercise equipment for stroke recovery, choose something that motivates you to accomplish high repetition daily.

Hand Therapy Equipment for Stroke Patients

Now that you know what to look for, let’s move on to the best hand exercise equipment for stroke patients.

This list includes our own products – because hand therapy is our specialty – but it also includes other stuff, with unaffiliated links.

Here is the best hand therapy equipment available for stroke patients:

1. Hand Therapy Balls – Best for Travel

exercise balls and hand exercise equipment for stroke patients

Hand therapy balls offer a simple way to exercise your hands, especially if you have severe spasticity and clenched hands.

Therapy balls come with different softness/hardness so that you can find a challenge that’s good for you.

If you get them, we have some hand therapy ball exercises on the blog that you can try.

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2. Therapy Putty – Most Affordable

occupational therapy tools for your hands

Therapy putty is a popular, inexpensive hand therapy tool with physical and occupational therapists.

When choosing your therapy putty, look for the kind that comes in different resistances. As your hand strength improves, you can use tougher putty to keep improving.

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3. Finger Exercisers – Good for Strengthening

hand with finger exercise equipment for stroke patients

Hand strengtheners are great for both retraining your brain and strengthening your muscles.

While the primary goal of stroke rehabilitation is to rewire the brain with repetitive exercise, it’s also important to work on rebuilding strength.

Both the therapy balls and therapy putty help strengthen your hand too, but the exerciser adds even more challenge.

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4. Tabletop Mirror Therapy – Good for Paralysis Recovery

stroke patient using mirror box hand therapy equipment for stroke patients

Mirror therapy is a rehabilitation technique that can help improve hand paralysis after stroke.

Ask your therapist if you can do some mirror therapy together so that you understand how it works. Then, replicate the therapy on your own at home with your own mirror therapy set.

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5. PVC Pipe Tree – Good for Physical Therapy

occupational therapy tools for hands

Occupational therapists often use PVC pipe trees in the clinic to help patients improve hand function.

Pipe trees made the list of the best hand exercise equipment because it allows you to practice their fine and complex motor skills.

It requires grasp and release movements along with hand and arm coordination.

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6. MusicGlove – Good for Fast Results

MusicGlove is a premium music- and gaming-based hand therapy device made by Flint Rehab. It’s clinically proven to improve hand function in 2 weeks.

The high-tech hand exercise equipment encourages you to accomplish high repetitions of therapeutic hand exercises.

Unlike other hand exercise equipment, MusicGlove is something that you’ll want to use daily because it’s fun to use.

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7. FitMi Home Therapy – Good for Paralysis Recovery

high-tech hand exercise equipment for stroke patients

FitMi is another high-tech exercise tool from Flint Rehab that motivates you to exercise the full-body, including the hands.

FitMi is suitable for all impairment levels, even if you have no movement in your hand. You just need to start with passive exercises by assisting your affected hand with your non-affected hand.

Bob and Brad, “the most famous physical therapists on the internet,” reviewed FitMi (without being paid to do so) and gave it a thumbs up!

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Choosing Your Hand Therapy Tool for Recovery

As you mull over your options, remember to keep this advice from our physical therapists in mind:

Choose something that you can see yourself using daily, and want to use daily.

Whether you start with simple hand exercise equipment or invest in high-tech tools, we hope that your hand function improves with this equipment.

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See how Steve is recovering from post-stroke paralysis

“My husband had a massive stroke in Feb 2018. He was released from the hospital in April 2018, however after he left the hospital he was unable to get therapy for over a year.

In August 2019 we purchased the FitMi, because his right side is paralyzed quite often he must use both hands and feet to do the suggested exercises… and the most amazing thing is… He IS making progress.

The doctors are astonished because he is now able to move his his right leg, foot and toes. As well as his arm and wrist. His wrist had spasticity. Very bad but the program is truly helpful.

I am so happy with this purchase. It’s working! Still a long way to go but Steve is making improvements!”

FitMi is our best-selling home therapy tool because it helps patients see REAL results, just like Steve.

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