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woman next to boyfriend who is in a coma after brain injury

Coma After Brain Injury: Causes and Recovery Outlook

A coma refers to a state of deep unconsciousness that can occur after a brain injury. When an individual is comatose, they do not show …

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nurse helping elderly woman with spinal cord injury initiate bowel program

Bowel Program for Spinal Cord Injury: How to Regain Control

A spinal cord injury can result in loss of bowel control, which may cause discomfort, pain, or waste-related accidents. By implementing a safe, sustainable bowel …

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woman struggling to study due to attention problems after brain injury

Attention Problems After Brain Injury: How to Improve Focus

Attention problems are a common secondary effect of brain injury. They can make it challenging to complete everyday tasks, maintain conversations, and affect your performance …

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man celebrating spinal cord injury recovery through neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity and Spinal Cord Injury: How to Optimize Recovery

For a long time, it was believed that recovery after a spinal cord injury was not possible — but we were wrong. We now know …

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nurse helping woman with brain injury manage bladder and bowel incontinence

Incontinence After Brain Injury: Why It Occurs and How to Manage It

Incontinence refers to the involuntary loss of bladder and/or bowel control. It is a common secondary effect of brain injury that can affect one’s independence …

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nurse helping woman with complete spinal cord injury

Complete Spinal Cord Injury: Causes, Recovery Outlook, and Treatment

About 32% of all spinal cord injuries result in a complete spinal cord injury, according to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center. A complete spinal cord …

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young stroke survivor with crutches participating in physiotherapy to recover her gait and ability to walk

Walking After Stroke: How to Maximize Your Chances of Recovery

If you struggle with walking after stroke, rehabilitation can help you get back on your feet with confidence again. Your manner of walking, also known …

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Doctor explaining how cerebral palsy can contribute to heart problems

Cerebral Palsy and Heart Problems: Are They Related?

Individuals with cerebral palsy are more likely to develop heart problems in adulthood than those without. Therefore, it is essential to be proactive and take …

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why children with cerebral palsy develop scoliosis

Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis: Why They Often Co-Occur & How to Manage

Cerebral palsy is a motor disability that can significantly compromise one’s posture. If not properly managed, cerebral palsy can contribute to the development of a …

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boy with abnormal walking pattern called crouch gait due to cerebral palsy using a walker

Crouch Gait and Cerebral Palsy: Can It Be Corrected?

Crouch gait is an abnormal walking pattern commonly observed in individuals with cerebral palsy. While it can be worrisome when your child starts to walk …

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