Easy Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises

Easy Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises

Stroke rehabilitation exercises are never ‘easy’ because rewiring your brain requires a lot of energy.

When we say “easy stroke rehabilitation exercises,” what we actually mean is “challenging-but-doable stroke rehabilitation exercises.”

Because rehab isn’t effective unless it’s a little challenging – so hopefully you’re willing to stick with us for this one!

Stretching Exercises

Learn how to improve range of motion – it’ll help with the stiffness.

You can also try gentle stretching to increase your range of motion.

Stretching is incredibly important because it helps prevent joint contracture, or joints that will no longer straighten. You should move your body every day, otherwise your joints can lock from lack of motion, and it can be quite painful.

Try simple stretches everyday to reduce your risk of developing stiff joints. It can be painful when your joints become locked from lack of motion, so simple stretching every day can greatly reduce your risk of developing painful, locked joints.

(Note: Stretches aren’t the best way to relieve spasticity. Rather, rehab exercise is the best way to overcome spasticity.)

Balance Exercises

Practice some effective balance exercises.

Because stroke often affects only one side of the body, many survivors are left with poor balance.

Simple seated balance exercises and core exercises can help you regain stability and confidence.

Once sitting is no longer an issue, you can move on to practicing standing balance exercises like lifting your unaffected foot from the floor while standing on your affected leg.

Weight-Bearing Exercises

See our complete collection of rehab exercises.

Lastly, stroke survivors can practice weight-bearing exercises.

Try wearing a weighted restraint on your strong limb to help you focus on using your weakened side (also known as Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy).

It’s important to focus on exercising your affected side because neglecting that side can lead to decreased bone density which puts you at a higher risk of fracture and bone loss – eek!

Repetitious Exercise

The most important thing to focus on during rehabilitation exercise is repetition.

Each time you repeat a movement, you activate neuroplasticity and strengthen new connections in your brain. You will greatly benefit from doing hundreds of repetition in order to rewire your brain effectively.

We created FitMi home therapy to help you achieve the high repetition you need to see results. Although hundreds of reps might sound daunting, FitMi makes it fun and easy to reach your goals.

It’s never “easy” until you master it through practice. But we think you’ll really enjoy the results you’ll see!