7 Ways to Treat Stroke Recovery like a Beautiful Fresh Start – Part 2

7 Ways to Treat Stroke Recovery like a Beautiful Fresh Start – Part 2

In part 1 we discussed how stroke recovery provides a fresh start to become a better version of yourself.

Then we discussed the first three ways to encourage personal growth by 1) developing a growth mindset, 2) practicing visualization, and 3) using affirmations.

Now, here’s the rest.

4. Develop Confidence to Propel Your Growth and Recovery

A common goal among personal growth enthusiasts is to develop more confidence because it’s understood that the more confident we are, the more action we will take, and the more successful we will become.

Therefore, confidence is like stroke recovery rocket fuel.

It’s important to understand that confidence is not a product of stroke recovery. Meaning, you cannot wait until your stroke deficits are gone in order to feel confident again.

Confidence is a propeller for stroke recovery – not a product.

Meaning, you need to develop it now – not later – so that you have the appropriate mindset to work through stroke rehab.

Here are 5 tips to develop more confidence.

5. Develop Perseverance for the Same Reason

Why does anyone get into personal growth? Because they have a goal they want to achieve.

And the only way to achieve a goal is through perseverance.

When things get tough, which they will, perseverance helps us press on, put one foot in front of the other, and hold faith that things will move forward soon.

We need things to get tough in order to develop perseverance. If everything was cake all the time, we’d be blissed out puff-balls who don’t achieve much.

We need struggle in order to strengthen our character.

Use this fresh start as the start of a ‘new you.’ A stronger, more determined version of yourself who is unstoppable.

6. Slow Down (not because you’re forced to, but because you want to)

Going slow is hard.

We live in a society that obsesses over quick fixes, busyness, and fast-paced lifestyles. And none of that applies to stroke recovery or personal growth.

If we want to become the best version of ourselves, we have to take the slow and steady route. We can’t develop more confidence, persistence, etc. through quick fixes. Personal growth requires constant focus, attention, and practice.

In the exact same light, if we want to achieve the highest recovery, we still have to take the slow and steady route. We can’t improve our motor skills, balance, and independence through quick fixes. Stroke recovery also requires constant focus, attention, and practice.

This will help you become a better version of yourself because you will learn how to slow down.

You won’t be seduced by the ‘get healthy quick’ tactics.

Instead, you’ll learn how to achieve your dreams through slow, consistent practice; which is the only practice that leads to sustainable results.

7. Harness the Power of Positive Neuroplasticity

You already know what neuroplasticity is – but positive neuroplasticity? Do tell.

Positive neuroplasticity is the way that we shape our brain to be happier.

When we say, “Oh she’s just a naturally happy person,” what we’re really saying is,

“Oh she’s just been focusing on the positive stuff for long that she’s created neural structure in her brain that helps her naturally notice more positive stuff.”

Wait, what? 🙂

Let us explain.

The more we focus on positivity, the better we get at noticing it. Because each time we notice something positive, we run a mental loop. And the more we run that mental loop, the stronger the loop becomes.

And eventually it becomes so ingrained in our mind that it becomes natural.

So while you’re busy repeating all your rehab exercises, focus on repeating happiness too.

  • Focus on little things to be grateful for.
  • Focus on the little successes throughout your day.
  • Focus on the love you feel from friends and family members.

Focus on the good because you are what you repeatedly focus on.

And if you repeatedly focus on happiness, you will become a happier person.

And if you repeatedly focus on all 7 of these points, you will become a better version of yourself.