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effects of massage therapy for spinal cord injury

The Pros and Cons of Massage Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury

Is massage therapy for spinal cord injury recovery effective? This article will go over the healing effects of massage therapy and how it can help …

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man with relaxed hands after rehabilitation for clenched hand after stroke

Clenched Hand After Stroke: Causes, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Techniques

A clenched hand after stroke occurs when spasticity in the hand begins to worsen into a contracture. This can lead to curled fingers, tight joints, …

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Does Brain Injury Affect Intelligence?

Does Brain Injury Affect Intelligence? Discover Why IQ Drops, Then Gets Better

Does a brain injury affect a person’s intelligence? Brain injury can affect many cognitive abilities that make it more difficult for a person to learn …

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practicing yoga for cerebral palsy

Yoga for Cerebral Palsy: Optimizing Physical and Mental Health

Are there any benefits to practicing yoga for cerebral palsy? Cerebral palsy describes a range of motor disabilities caused by damage to the brain before …

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therapist working with patient on foot drop treatment

Foot Drop Treatment: Understanding Your Options to Get Your Foot Back

Foot drop treatment is tailored to each unique person because everyone will respond differently. If you struggle with foot drop, talk to a physical or …

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therapist working on exercise for stroke patients with paralysis

Paralysis Recovery Exercises for Stroke Patients

Exercise for stroke patients with paralysis should involve passive exercise to help restore movement. You’re about to learn the difference between active and passive exercise …

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what is parietal lobe stroke

Understanding Parietal Lobe Stroke: Causes, Side Effects, and Rehabilitation

A parietal lobe stroke can affect the brain’s ability to interpret sensory information and spatial awareness. This article will explain everything you need to know …

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patient suffering with shoulder pain after stroke

10 Treatments for Shoulder Pain After Stroke that Provide Relief

Shoulder pain after stroke can stem from a variety causes — and each responds to different treatment techniques. If you’re struggling with shoulder pain, it’s …

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senior woman drying dishes and relearning the activities of daily living after TBI

Relearning the Activities of Daily Living After Traumatic Brain Injury: The Key to Independence

After a traumatic brain injury, one of the main goals of recovery is to restore a person’s ability to live on their own. To accomplish …

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stroke patient with hand contractures

Contractures After Stroke: How to Prevent and Reverse Them

Contractures after stroke are characterized by stiff, tight muscles and joints. It most often occurs in the hands, leading to clenched hands after stroke. However, …

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