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Does Cerebral Palsy Affect Intelligence

Does Cerebral Palsy Affect Intelligence?

Does cerebral palsy affect intelligence? While cerebral palsy does not affect cognitive functions like intelligence, about 50% of individuals with CP have an intellectual disability. This article …

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adult son trying to help elderly father cope with anger after stroke

Anger After Stroke: Causes, Treatment, and Management

Anger after stroke presents a unique challenge to recovery. It often occurs in the acute stages of stroke and can be a major struggle for …

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Activities for Kids with Cerebral Palsy: Fun Ways to Promote Movement

The best activities for kids with cerebral palsy will encourage them to move around and use their weaker movements. Cerebral palsy should not prevent your …

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elderly married couple reading stroke recovery books together on a sofa

Top 10 Stroke Recovery Books for Survivors and Caregivers

Looking for some helpful, motivating books on stroke recovery? We created this list for both survivors and caregivers looking for insight on the road to …

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smiling older woman using walker to help reduce dizziness after stroke

How to Reduce Dizziness After Stroke: Understanding Causes and Recovery Methods

Dizziness after stroke can occur for a number of reasons. In most cases, dizziness should fade on its own over time, but sometimes interventions are …

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nurse helping a stroke patient that can't swallow after stroke

Can’t Swallow After Stroke? 5 Steps for Dysphagia Recovery

If you have difficulty swallowing after stroke, it’s likely that you have a condition known as dysphagia. There are steps you can take to recover …

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fun things to do with a quadriplegic

23 Fun Activities to Do with Quadriplegic Loved Ones

Paralysis after a spinal cord injury can limit mobility, but there are many fun activities that individuals with quadriplegia can participate in. Quadriplegia refers to …

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how long does numbness last after a stroke

Numbness After Stroke: How Long It Lasts & Steps for Recovery

Numbness after stroke is a common secondary effect that causes loss of sensation in some of the affected areas. It can be accompanied by other …

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woman in outdoor fitness class doing balance exercises for stroke patients

13 Balance Exercises for Stroke Patients to Help Improve Stability

For patients after a stroke, practicing balance exercises can improve gait (manner of walking), coordination, and stability. A stroke typically affects one side of the …

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capable brain injury survivor sitting behind the wheel about to take a driving test

Driving After Brain Injury: Rehabilitation and Safety Considerations

Driving after brain injury can be a complex issue. The severity of the TBI and the unique side effects that follow will determine whether or …

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