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Physical therapist raising stroke patient's arms to help him overcome flaccidity after stroke

How to Overcome Flaccidity After Stroke and Regain Movement

Flaccidity after stroke occurs in the early days of stroke rehabilitation. It refers to a complete lack of voluntary movement caused by damage to the …

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benefits of ritalin for stroke patients

Ritalin for Stroke Patients: Is It Appropriate? And When?

Can stroke patients take Ritalin to boost their recovery? Is it safe? And does it actually work? You’re about to learn how Ritalin can impact …

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how to recover from post-stroke paralysis using FitMi

Using FitMi to Overcome Post-Stroke Paralysis (A Success Story and How-to Guide)

If you’re trying to recover from post-stroke paralysis, we have an inspiring success story to share with you. A stroke survivor named Ron was able …

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Physical therapist checking patient's flexion synergy patterns after stroke

What Flexion Synergy Patterns After Stroke Mean For Recovery

Although flexion synergy patterns after stroke can be frustrating to deal with, they are actually a sign of improvement. Synergistic movements occur when too many …

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happy senior couple of stroke survivors

13 Things Every Stroke Survivor Wished You Knew

Only a stroke survivor can truly relate to another stroke survivor. But that doesn’t mean that everyone else needs to feel like an outsider. The …

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woman holding stomach and grimacing because she has traumatic brain injury and intestinal dysfunction

Traumatic Brain Injury and Intestinal Dysfunction: How the Brain Affects the Stomach and Vice Versa

Can traumatic brain injury cause intestinal dysfunction? While it might sound strange to say that a brain injury can cause stomach problems, that is exactly …

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girlfriend sitting on couch crying while boyfriend sits back ignoring her because he has lack of empathy after brain injury

Understanding Lack of Empathy After Brain Injury and How to Cope

Lack of empathy after brain injury can cause TBI patients to appear more self-centered than they used to. However, this behavior does not mean your …

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spinal cord injury bradycardia symptoms

Spinal Cord Injury and Bradycardia: Why You’re Feeling Weak and Tired

Bradycardia is when your heart rate beats less than 60 times a minute. To put this into perspective, 60-100 beats per minute is considered a …

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therapist working with stroke patient with right sided hemiplegia

Right Sided Hemiplegia: Causes, Treatment, and Recovery Time

Right sided hemiplegia involves paralysis on the right side of the body. This limits a person’s ability to perform basic self-care tasks, especially since most …

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Senior woman in wheelchair smiling and shaking hands with doctor as he gives her some TBI recovery tips

7 TBI Recovery Tips to Make Your Rehabilitation a Success

TBI recovery can be a long and frustrating process. But there are ways to speed up your recovery. This article will show you some of …

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