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practicing mat exercises for spinal cord injury recovery

Simple Mat Exercises for Spinal Cord Injury Patients

What are the best mat exercises for spinal cord injury patients? Mat exercises are great for spinal cord injury patients because you don’t have to …

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the pros and cons of taking chinese herbs for stroke recovery

Chinese Herbs for Stroke Recovery: Potentially Fatal or Helpful?

The idea of Chinese herbs for stroke recovery may intrigue some alternative health enthusiasts. While some websites lay (false) claim to herbs that help stroke …

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Man in wheelchair experiencing benefits of virtual reality for traumatic brain injury rehabilitation

Science-Backed Benefits of Virtual Reality for Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Virtual reality is gaining a lot of attention as a potential therapy for traumatic brain injury. In fact, there is good evidence that it improves …

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using virtual reality for spinal cord injury recovery

Is Virtual Reality for Spinal Cord Injury Worth Trying?

Virtual reality for spinal cord injury recovery is a fun, engaging approach to rehabilitation. The technology allows you to participate in an interactive 3-dimensional experience. …

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Frontal lobe seizure illustration

Frontal Lobe Seizures: Symptoms, Types, and Treatment

Frontal lobe seizures are a unique form of seizures. They display distinctive features, depending on which area of the frontal lobe they occur. Today’s article …

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best stretches for cerebral palsy

Simple and Effective Stretches for Cerebral Palsy Patients

The best stretches for cerebral palsy patients will focus on lengthening spastic muscles. Children with cerebral palsy may not like stretching because they feel like …

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man rubbing head while flying after brain injury

Is Flying After Brain Injury Safe?

Is flying after brain injury safe? It depends. There are many health and safety considerations a person should be aware of before getting on an …

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the best jobs for people with cerebral palsy

Jobs for People with Cerebral Palsy: How to Navigate the Workplace

Finding jobs for people with cerebral palsy might seem like a daunting task, but CP shouldn’t stop you from having a fulfilling career. A person …

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How to do eye exercises for concussion

5 Effective Eye Exercises for Concussion Patients to Improve Vision

Concussions can cause a person to experience many eye and vision problems. Fortunately, vision therapy can help relieve many of those symptoms. Today’s article will …

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common signs of cerebral palsy in toddlers

Signs of Cerebral Palsy in Toddlers Every Parent Should Be Aware Of

Wondering what some of the most common signs of cerebral palsy in toddlers (1-3 years old) are? Most cases of cerebral palsy are diagnosed by …

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