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How to Treat Muscle Stiffness After Stroke in 7 Steps

Muscle stiffness after stroke is formally known as spasticity, which is the most common stroke side effect. If you struggle with muscle stiffness after stroke, …

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how to treat shoulder subluxation after stroke (and how to prevent it from getting worse!)

How to Treat Shoulder Subluxation After Stroke – A Complete Guide

If you want to treat shoulder subluxation after stroke, this article will cover everything you need to know. Today you’ll learn: What causes shoulder subluxation …

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How Long Will Mild Stroke Recovery Take?

Want to know how long mild stroke recovery might take? Then this article is for you! Although every stroke is different and every stroke recovery …

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13 fun activities for stroke patients to do at home

13 Fun Activities for Stroke Patients That Boost Recovery

Fun activities for stroke patients are a great way to keep motivation high. If your motivation to recover is getting low, try switching things up …

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how to treat neuropathy after stroke

How to Treat Chronic Pain and Neuropathy After Stroke

Treating neuropathy after stroke requires some finesse. Because first, there are 2 types of neuropathy that you need to understand. Then, there are various levels …

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managing behavior changes after stroke

How to Cope with 5 Puzzling Behavior Changes After Stroke

Today, we’re going to fill you in on the 5 most common behavior changes after stroke. If you’re a stroke survivor or caregiver, we hope …

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how to prevent falling after stroke

9 Life-Saving Ways to Prevent Falling After Stroke

Taking precautions to prevent falling after stroke is very important. Falls can cause broken bones, increased disability, and even death. In fact, falling is the …

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Learn what to expect from stroke recovery after 5 years

What to Expect from Stroke Recovery After 5 Years

What should you expect from stroke recovery after 5 years? Today we’ll explore this frequently asked question. What to Expect 5 Years After Stroke It’s …

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Learn about 5 huge benefits of yoga for stroke recovery

5 Huge, Overlooked Benefits of Yoga for Stroke Recovery

The benefits of yoga for stroke recovery are huge. Today we’re diving into 5 of these benefits, and we bet most of them will surprise …

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guide to flying after stroke

How Long Until You Can Fly After Stroke?

How long until you can fly after stroke? What medical conditions make it unsafe to fly? What’s the risk of stroke on an airplane? These …

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